20 Gallon Rimless Planted Tank

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    Hey everyone. Here I'm going to be blogging (First one ever :p ) about my planted tank I had put together and try to update as much as possible. So lets begin :)

    The tank I'm going to use is a 20 gallon tank by Innovative Marine Nuvo Black Series. (Not my pic)


    Dimension are 23.6” x 15” x 13”. Reasons why I've choose this tank is its dimension and the smoked background. Dimension is very important in starting a scape. I'm more of a nano scaper so I've always worked on smaller tanks, which to me is cheaper and affordable than scaping a larger tank. Where as, the hardscapes, substrate, quantity of plants, and etc. will be more costly for larger tanks. Now with dimension comes with scaling and finding the right sized hardscape.

    Finding the right hardscape (ie. driftwood and rocks) is essential to building an elegant planted tank. Too big and then it throws off everything. Too small and it doesn't fill enough space and looks empty. Its basically the backbone of the theme. For this tank, I'm going with Sieryu stones and 2 pieces of spiderwood I've super glued together to give me a nice center piece and the stones will give a nice texture to it. As for the substrate, I went with ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil. Used by the best aquascapers themselve and created by the top aquascaper Takashi Amano.


    Here's the finished hardscape.
    Lighting I"m going with 2 Finnex Planted+ LED fixtures to give it better coverage of light. Used them previously and Finnex IMO makes some decent plant LEDs that affordable for Higher Tech tanks. Also in all my experience, they are pretty good at growing just about any plants.


    Plants I've decided to go with invitro Dwarf hair grass (Eleocharis Sp. Mini), Ludwigia Brevipe, Anubias Pinto, and Rotala Ramsior Sunset Florida.

    Eleocharis Sp. Mini (DHG) (invitro)

    Ludwigia Brevipe

    Rotala Ramsior Sunset Florida

    Anubias Pinto

    To start. I started planting the DHG. Just a FYI, planting the DHG was the most time consuming but well worth it in the end :) So I begin washing the gel off of the root system of the DHG and begin separating into small chunks so i can plant them like a checker board. Doing this will increase coverage spread of the DHG. Next I started planting the Ludwigia and Rotala just like any other stem plant. Pushing the stem down into the substrate and then the Anubias I just begin placing them onto the spiderwood without using any fishing line, glue, and rubber band lol (Note: Anubias is recommend to be tied, glued, or rubber banded so they can attach better). They seemed to stayed in place so I left them alone. And now........

    The FINISHED product :D


    Here it is from Day 1 to Day 19

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    And now Day 41
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    Also added some Cardinal tetras, pygmy cories, and some crs/cbs culled shrimps

    Fotor_146629044345389-1024x576[1].jpg Fotor_146629151608041-1024x576[1].jpg 20160622_180710-1024x576[1].jpg
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    Nice Vang now that your done with my tank i will come get it. Lol
  5. Vshrimp

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    Lol bring help if you can :D
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    Gorgeous tank!
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    Thank you :)
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    A top view of the tank. I just took this morning. To add, I added Limnophila aromatica mini

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    Looks great, excellent job with the photos and commentary. I hope my tank will look half that good someday.
  10. Vshrimp

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    One day you'll get it. Having a planted tank takes alot of time and maintenance depending on hi or low tech it is.
  11. Marine590622

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    I like how the shrimp I thought were so nice are culls...

    High standards.
  12. Vshrimp

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    Haha. Yes high standards when trying to breed out the best shrimps. Lol. The one pictured are mainly males that I dont have any use for.
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    A few pics for an update

    Fotor_147002734923910-1024x576.jpg Fotor_147002716576870-1024x576.jpg Fotor_146980861115818-1024x576.jpg
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  14. Marine590622

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    I am not getting that much white in my anubia pinto. I note the co2 diffuser in you pictures. What are you using for the co2?
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    Whats your setup? Forgot from the last time we talked. As for the co2. Im diffusing through an inline diffuser.
  16. Marine590622

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    Currently the tank that it is in has no CO2 fertilization.
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    Whats your lighting? Lighting plays a big factor in growning white leaves in my experience. At least med-hi lighting is needed. Grown them in my shrimp tanks without co2 before and they threw out white leaves. The lighting was a finnex planted+ which puts me in the Med lighting range.
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    I am doing DIY lighting, But I was about t0 rebuild the light for that tank here soon. So I will beef up what I am doing there.
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    Added 9 Green fire tetras


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