Advice desperately needed for skinny puffer

Discussion in 'Freshwater Health, Disease and Nutrition' started by Physarum, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. Physarum

    Physarum Executive Board

    Hi Fish Brain Collective,
    I have a problem with one of my adorable little T. schoutedeni puffers. I am babysitting Chris's and fell in love. I started my own collection with two captive bred ones from a lfs and they weren't cheap. When I got them last month, one was thin and one was plump. They both act ok, and the plump one is still plump, and the skinny one is so skinny he really is hard to look at. They both eat, although they are particular about snail size. They also eat live blackworms and frozen blood worms, and chopped krill and mysis, and the occasional minced thawed grocery store shrimp. I have daphnia on the way here.
    I'm beginning to suspect internal parasites because he eats without filling out. I have never seen his poop fwiw. His beak looks normal and matches the other puffer's.
    I've combed the puffer forums and the consensus is that you have to get puffers in general to eat medicated food to eliminate parasites. They recommended in old threads a gel food that apparently most freshwater puffers would eat. Of course, it is no longer available.
    If this were your dear puffer, would you treat for internal parasites based solely on him being very thin? What meds would you use, and how would you deliver it? Should I separate him from the plump one he has lived with the whole time?
    I got two wild caught ones on Sunday, and they went from somewhat thin to round after two days of gorging on snails.
    He is a pet already. He comes to see me at the front of the tank and takes food from my fingers. I'd really like to help him get healthy. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  2. JeffW

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    Mix meds in with repashy and feed by hand. just to get him to take it
  3. Physarum

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    I got some Prazi-Pro, but he doesn't eat repashy yet. I tried meat pie. Does Repashy not make shrimp souffle anymore?

    The puffer is still hanging in there and still exceedingly thin. The others are downright fat now, probably because I'm trying to feed the little guy so often, haha.

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