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Discussion in 'Wabi kusa' started by Marine590622, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Marine590622

    Marine590622 Advisory Board Staff Member

    Some of us were interested in the Wabi kusa demonstation that Balin did. I have already started on and will probably do several more in the near future. I thought I would create a forum in the plant section where we can share pictures, ideas, etc.
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  2. AssassinJimmie

    AssassinJimmie Chris B

    I have gathered all the material I need but have been to tired this week to actually put one together. Hopefully tonight I can get a couple done. I have already told a few people that they will probably be gifted a wabi kusa in the near future.
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  3. Marine590622

    Marine590622 Advisory Board Staff Member

    Pictures before you let them go...
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    REVTODD Active Member Staff Member

    Photos! Yes photos! I never get to "get out" so it would be extra cool to see what everyone does in photos here.

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