Air Conditioned fish... a success story

Discussion in 'Killifish' started by mlaursen, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. mlaursen

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    I picked up a pair of Diapteron georgiae a while back at a killi meeting after wanting them for quite some time. Needless to say they're somewhat fussy and I couldn't get a single egg out of them. I was talking to Rick a while back and he said try getting them even colder, ( I was already keeping them at about 63 over the winter) so I was at a loss. I decided to place them under the basement A/C vent for the summer to see how that worked out. They've been in the upper 50's for the last month or so and lowe and behold I looked in the tank and I now have 9 juveniles at about 1/4" in size. Definitely made my night.


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  4. tjudy

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    Wow. That is very cold. I doubt it gets that cold where they are found.
  5. mlaursen

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    Apparently the second post didn't show up, Everything I have read says 60's, I'm not sure how consistently the tank is that cold given it's a 5 gallon but i already moved the tank. It was a last ditch effort to trigger a spawn (One of those spawn or Die! moments) I don't trust it that cold with such crazy temp fluctuations with the on/off of the A/C
  6. Dave

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    Glad you were able to get them to go and thanks for sharing.
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    that's cool, that would be a good fish to keep in my basement when I don't want to add a heater to a tank.
  8. mlaursen

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    I have to keep jollies out of my fish room because it's too warm, this was an extreme case though I was getting a little frustrated and to be honest didn't expect them to get quite that cold.
  9. Rick

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    Upper 50's are fine for diapterons. They probably should get no warmer than the mid to upper 60's. Trust me on this one.
    P.S. Austrolebias are pretty much the same way. Maybe low 60's as a bottom.
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    Freshwater artic fish. Cool!

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