Any saltwater aquarium experts/enthusiasts out there?

Discussion in 'Marine Fish' started by JesseVoss, Jul 18, 2018.

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    Am planning on setting up a new marine aquarium (FOWLR for those who know the jargon) but i honestly don't have the space for a big one (from my reading they seem to recommend starting with a 50+ gallon aquarium since it is supposed to be easier to maintain but it's HUGE!!!). i am wondering if i can get by, as a complete novice to all of this, with a 12 gallon cube or something similar. i probably can get a 28-gallon cube but it still may seem a little big in the room where it will be located. am i asking for trouble by doing this? i am truly committed to keeping up with the water testing, curing the live rock, etc etc. but i don't want to invest in all this stuff only to realize there is no room for error in managing the microenvironment/ water chemistry/ etc. of a smaller tank and killing everything in it. any advice out there?

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    We started with a 15 column and broke so many rules, but never crashed the tank. We do focus on corals, but have had plenty of fishes as well. Right now we now have a 20 dedicated to nems, a 29 biocube for our show tank , and a 30 jbj for grow out. All have been fine.

    I used to keep a pair of pergola clown in a little 4g with a small bubbletip and some rubble. They did well for 2 years in there (gave the set up to a friend who was just staring out. He did not take care of it, unfortunately).

    Just be realistic in your expectations and prepared for some prized fish to not make it. It happens. I cannot for the life of me keep bangaiis or firefish :oops:

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