Anyone use marina hob boxes?

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Daedalus, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. Daedalus

    Daedalus Active Member

    I have few of these, and the noise from bubbles are shy of driving me up the walls. I've youtubed few ideas to try and silence them and ordered a very small water pump that moves around 20gph. Anyone have anything you've done?
  2. tjudy

    tjudy Executive Board Staff Member

    You can turn the volume of air down to a slow perk. The water does not need to move quickly through the box.
  3. Daedalus

    Daedalus Active Member

    Yeah, still makes annoying sound, display tank was planning on keeping fry on that water until little larger. I had a inline from a spray bar running into one before and worked beautifully, but have since changed canister filters that doesn't offer it anymore. I've seen some people have just a butt load of fry in these things and given water volume of tank not box is huge help :)
  4. waterboy

    waterboy Active Member

    They are great for raising Cory fry. Turn the air down to reduce the bubble noise. Siphon the bottom once in a while, they tend to accumulate stuff on the bottom like a hob filter. I am trying a piece of sponge like a matten filter to reduce the debris. Seems to work pretty good so far.
  5. Eric N

    Eric N Member

    The discharge fitting on the lift tube rotates which allows you to direct the flow into the box. It is also removable and helps greatly with noise if you take it off and turn the air flow down.
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  6. Daedalus

    Daedalus Active Member

    Have to try that, and I do enjoy how the fry are right there to watch and keep an eye on move better then in a larger tank right away.

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