August 2017 EB Minutes

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  1. Megan

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    August MAAH Executive Board Meeting

    11:45 Call to Order

    Board members present (let me know if you were there and I didn't list you, I forgot to make a list at the time)

    John Lambing

    Sean Stake

    Megan McGuire

    Mike Fink

    Steven Suchon

    Also present

    Randy Peterson

    Beth Syrjamaki

    Minutes approved – John moved, Mike seconded it

    Audit - Megan

    Megan to meet with Allison Buchholz

    She needs auction and membership numbers for 2015, 2016, and 2017

    Rent at the Hody - Megan

    Paid for one year today - $1200.00

    T-shirts - Beth

    Cost 306.25 which covered the cost plus some profit. There are 6 extra M-2X

    Membership - Beth

    19 people attended

    3 individually

    No new memberships

    BAP - Steve

    Certificates will be handed out at next month’s meeting

    Cataclysm means no BAP in October

    Awards totaled $187.53

    GARP – Mike Fink

    Made buttons for season 0.0

    Will modify rules for next season to simplify things.

    CARES – Sean

    Sean talked to MAS and we will do exchanges with them and other clubs.

    CARES (cont)

    Rules will be posted on the forum.

    Each individual will register the species themselves. This is simple to do by sending in a picture and identifying where they acquired it from. The CARES experts then verify. So far nothing back from Claudia. There are 3 submissions per year which Sean will submit.

    Programs – Randy


    Anton Lamboj GCCA is bringing him in June. We should give him a good honorarium

    W. African expert

    Auction – Mike Fink

    Brought in $125 from 53 items

    Website – Megan & Randy

    Fixed so that events appear on front page.

    Cataclysm – Ted

    Lots of big name sponsors are donating to the event including goody bag items

    Good live fish donations. 100 species target in sight with 79 species now.

    Ted would like $2000 to buy fish.

    70 people preregistered as of today.

    We can provide our own beer at the hotel hospitality suite.

    We need volunteer t-shirt sizes

    People must formally tell Ted if they are volunteering.

    Sean & Marcus of MadCity Aquaculture sponsored t-shirts for $500

    Promotion – Nicholas Lager absent

    Library – Chris Berns absent

    Insurance – Mike

    Articles of incorporation ordered.

    Need Quickbook statement of current financial balance.


    Dan Randall is taking this over from Chris Berns. Dan has ordered bags through Jemcho. Chris to return money from sales.

    Garden Expo – Aquascaping Contest – Mike

    Needs help

    Ted will send info

    Ted will handle sponsors


    Articles of incorporation

    IRS Filings

    By Laws

    By-laws review – tabled

    Meeting in Sept?

    Should be before Cataclysm.

    Sean will organize and put out potential days/times.

    Other business

    Need to promote all species auction on Sunday of Cataclysm weekend.

    Sean talked to GB club.

    We all need to take ownership for promoting this event.

    Meeting adjourned at 12:37pm

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