August EB Meeting Minutes 08/17/19

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    August Executive Board Meeting Minutes 8/17/19

    Present: Dan Randall, Ted Judy, Megan McGuire, Diana Peterson, Pat Messer
    Absent: Logan Zimmerman, Sarah Sajdak

    Also present: Randy Peterson

    1. Meeting called to order at 11:12 pm.

    2. Review and approve minutes from June EB meeting. Approved.

    3. Officer Reports

    President: Dan will post the EB meeting agenda 1 week prior to meetings. If there is anything you would like to add, please notify Dan.

    Vice President: Nothing to report.

    Treasurer: Although Sarah was absent, she related to Dan Randall that she has submitted the 1024 form for tax exempt status. The check has cleared but she has not received any type of response yet. Megan is working on submitting the current EB officers information for insurance purposes. It was noted that the website needs to be updated as well.

    4. Committee Chair Reports

    Membership: 2 paid annual memberships and 1 family membership. Dan stated that he needs to step down as Membership Chair as he is the current President now. He will continue until we can find someone else to chair if someone could help with check-in duties at the actual meetings. Diana agreed to help.

    There was additional discussions about the language that defines a Family Membership.

    Program/Speaker: We currently have no speaker for the October meeting. A possible gadget contest was discussed. In addition, it was discussed that we try to find a speaker knowledgeable about the future of medicines available for fish tanks (the laws will be changing in the next 12-18 months and will make most of everything available illegal to sell). Ted will begin working on filling out the 2020 speaker schedule soon.

    Auction: The new system is working well. Some clarification was discussed in regard to how many submissions a member may enter into each auction. The limit is 20 entrants per member and no more than 2 variants. The reason is that it protects the value of each submission. Reinstatement of the 1st dollar of a sale going to the club and then an 80/20 split was discussed which will allow the club and members to make money on the auctions. The need for additional auctioneers was also discussed.

    The future of will be discussed in New Business.

    BAP: Nothing to report.

    Cares: Nothing to report.

    GARP: There is currently very little participation. We need to promote it better at each meeting.

    WEB: We need to update the Officer and Committee Chairs on the website and an additional revision to the by-laws is necessary.

    Special Events: Very low participation for the last few Member Picnics. Several options were discussed to boost participation which include adding some type of “field trip” and going back to having the picnic at members houses. The Holiday Party is tentatively scheduled at Sarah's new home and Pat has tentatively volunteered to host the next picnic.

    Cataclysm: Currently registration is low but will hopefully pick up in the next couple of weeks.

    5. Old Business

    50 gallon raffle. Tickets are printed and we can start selling them at today's meeting. The cost is $5.00 per ticket.

    MAAH fellowship – nothing new.

    New meeting location. Ted made a motion to form a new committee to do asearch for a new meeting space. Motion carried. Diana Peterson will Chair the Committee.

    6. New Business

    Sun Prairie Garden Club has reached out to us to help them find a Speaker for sometime in 2020. We will suggest they get on our forum and reach out to someone there.

    Risers used for previous Aquascaping Contest are currently being stored at Dan's home. A motion was made to make the risers available for 1 month to any member and if no one claims them Dan is allowed to dispose of.

    My Group Auctions availability. The plan is to keep using My Group Auctions for as long as we want as Ted is scheduled to own the program.

    Meeting adjourned 12:36 pm.

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