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    It has been a great year. In total MAAH members that participated in BAP spawned an amazing 128 species and color/location morphs. A total whopping 51 came from the 20 and under. 77 from 21 and over. Pretty amazing stuff. Lots of new species and color/location morphs this year. The largest number of spawns came from cichlids and plenty of new species hopefully members are growing out and trying to breed so we see them again. There was also plenty of new catfish as well as a few additions to all the other classes of aquatic animals. Thank you for an amazing year. Here is the results........

    Advancements(in no special order)
    Todd Hanson GM1
    Jeff Anderson Expert
    Chris Berns Master
    Pat Messer GM3
    Dan Randall Advanced
    Steven Suchon GM4/Ultimate Start
    Sean Stake Master
    Scott Wierzema GM1
    Brendan Weesner Expert(1 c class away from Master)

    Breeder of the year
    20 and under
    Brendan Weesner 165 record breaking points

    21 and over
    Steven Suchon 405 points

    Ide like to give a shout out and applause for Brendan. Not only did he breed an amazing number of aquatic animals, he also is the youngest participant this season and last season. It brings me joy to see the 18 and under hobbiests take part and participate in this hobby.

    Thank you all and it was an exciting season. Everyone did this club a great service by donating 128 bags just in the BAP program. Lets start this new season with a lot of spawns and have some fun while participating.

    Try to beat seans record start to BAP from last season with a whopping 14 baps in august. Thanks for all the paperwork I had to add in that month ;).

    Remember to double check all your points and lists. Let me know and spread the word ASAP. I triple checked everything but just in case . THERE IS ONLY 1 WEEK UNTIL I START GETTING AWARDS MADE AND THIS IS FINAL. Plaque upgrades need the plates given to me. You can wait until you see me but that might not be until August so you wont recieve them until September. Best option is mail the plate/plates to me and ill get them inscribed in stevens point . You can just remove the plate so that way i they can be mailed at stamp cost and i can being them to the August meeting. Removal should easy as they are held on by 2 small screws. If your are glued on let me know so i can figure out an alternative. You can also be reimbursed if you choose for the mail cost. Ide like to present these in August like the past 3 years. I also might not be able to make the picinic and would like to present these in person with the BAP comittee. PM or facebook message me for my address.
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    Thanks Steve for all your hard work keeping the BAP program going and up to date!

    Thanks to all the participants, we have some amazing breeders in this club that have bred some amazing fish!

    I won’t be breaking last August’s single month turn in this August but I will have a bunch. Maybe I can actually beat Steve this year, lol!
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    Thanks Steve, you're doing a great job!
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