BAP season finals update season2019-202]

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    BAP finals are in. All BAP confirmed and donations are on their way.

    Here is the breakdown

    Masters awards

    Marcus and Baylee Weesner- Masters

    20 and under
    Sharon and Kevin Page -125 points

    20 and over
    Marcus and Baylee Weesner- 240 points

    Surprisingly, this year was a successful year with missing out 4 months of meetings. You all came together and worked on this being possible during these times with perfection. The decision to keep BAP open could not have gone on without all of you. You ladies and gentlemen really pulled this off in the end were I was at a wits end and getting worried we couldnt pull it off easily and in record time. You came to my rescue and all worked as a team. A huge THANK YOU and appreciation goes to you all. We ended up making a huge donation to the club in this last month. A current total of 292.40 with 1 auction remaining. Come on people, get bidding on Jeff's auction. One of our longest running breeders of always A+ fish. He grows them fast, big and healthy. A big thank you to Sharon and Kevin Page for a huge donation of $170.40 with the extra fish left over from her spawns being donated to our auction. You all have been so generous

    There was 3 new members in the 20 and under this past season. A big thank for participating. The race was insanly competing for BOTY and some surprises . In the end it was one of the most successful years in that class. In the 21 and over we did see a few MIA last season or not many specied bred in previous years. I am hoping you that were absent make a stellar comback in 2020-2021 . We need you. At last the reigning club record holder of the BOTY in 21 and over met his demise after 4 years. Actually dethroned by 2 members . Im sure that person is crying in a corner , looking at all his plaques and screaming why, why could it not be 5 . Too bad for that guy. We have really great breeders and more great stuff to come with the program.

    Total species donated this past season.

    20 and under -33 species
    21 and over-53
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