BAP update November 2017

Discussion in 'BAP question and answer' started by SteveS, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. SteveS

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    It's done. Just waiting for the webmasters to post it. Only issue is adding Keith strafe. Don't worry Keith, you will be added as soon as I get help doing so. When it's posted, everyone double check their points and submittions. Every one participating in BAP should also be keeping their own personal records.
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  2. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Great work Steve!
  3. Dragon159

    Dragon159 Advisory Board

    Once again, I fall through the cracks and fly under the radar lol
  4. SteveS

    SteveS Advisory Board

    Here is the totals for quick reference

    20 and under

    Todd Hanson 55 points 5 spawns
    Pat Messer 45 points 2 spawns
    Brandon Weesner 40 points 5 spawns
    Keith Strade 20 points 3 spawns
    John Lambing 20 points 2 spawns
    Eric Schoville 20 points 2 spawns
    Dan Randall 10 points 1 spawn
    Jeff Anderson 5 points 1 spawn
    Michael Fink 5 points 1 spawn

    21 and over

    Steven Suchon 180 points 14 spawns
    Sean Stake. 155 points 16 spawns
    Tec Judy 25 points 2 spawns
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