Blackworms available at Animart.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Health, Disease and Nutrition' started by Sean S, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    I was at Animart tonight and the have blackworms available again, $2.50 a portion, in case anyone needs some.
  2. Chuck

    Chuck Advisory Board

    It's a lot closer for me even if it is more expensive
  3. AreYouKiddingMe

    AreYouKiddingMe Active Member

    Is it safe to get from there? Last few times i have stopped in everything in that fish room looked like hell. USed to go all the time, now i refuse to.
  4. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    It looked much improved, If they had something I wanted I would likely have bought from there. Not sure the blackworms are connected to the fish tanks anyway. The worms looked quite clean
  5. Chuck

    Chuck Advisory Board

    They run them from a filter overflow in the back. It's not attached to the system
  6. Mike F

    Mike F Executive Board

    I stopped there today. Fish looked very healthy.

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