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Discussion in 'MAAH Social Forum' started by fishlady, Oct 20, 2019.

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    I am thinking about going after ultimate breeder after I get GM4 however a lot of the fish that are needed for that level I have never worked with. I am looking for books to borrow so that I can learn more about the different species in the different categories.
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    Yes, go for it Pat. Please do. You can do it. Its actually pretty easy for a grandmaster to do if you can get the dirt killis done fast . The kind i picked were super easy to spawn, i just had bad luck with my stored eggs and keeping them alive more than a few days after they hatched . I wish i started with that one as its the only that is holding me back. You don't have to breed the hardest fish in each catagory. You can do easy fish and just work on the 120 points of C and D of fish you like to breed. I was scared that tetras were going to be hard but after I did it the Ted judy way in an article he wrote, it wasn't hard. Some tetras like Buenos Aires and serpae are super easy like zebra danios and don't really need soft water. Those 2 are C class fish that are really an A class difficulty. I used breeding baskets and can be used for the cyprinids too. You can borrow a trap and a basket and see which method you like better. The cichlids are all easy if you pick the right fish. Really the only 2 challenging ones were the learning about tetras and the dirt killifish. The "other" category is simple. BAP a neocaradina shrimp or a rahmshorn snail . You got this!!

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