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Discussion in 'Marine Fish' started by Natives2WI, Mar 18, 2011.

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    Ok, now I know there isn't much in terms of information on these, but I have been suspecting that I have a pair. They both guard a single cave under my largest piece of liverock. They spent about 2 days totally in hiding, without coming out for anything (even tried to bait them out with live food, nothing..) So I noticed on wednesday that they were out feeding like crazy and would guard the openings to their cave from my possum wrasse.

    Last night after all lights were off (but the Moonlight LED's) i went back out to check on things and noticed A TON of particles floating around.... I pulled out my flashlight and noticed that they were "swimming". So I let my eyes readjust and noticed little heads with tails! These little things were darting in and out of the current, liverock, back into the filter section of the Biocube and everything.

    Now my problem. They are sooo small that they are making it into the third compartment of the back, and I have NO CLUE what to try to feed them if I can at all? Do I just let nature take its course and if they survive they survive?

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    i dont have a clue what advice to give but, congrats on the babies! i always love finding new fish in the tank.
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    At this point I would start thinking about how to save and feed the next spawn. The trick is to capture the planktonic larvae (what you are seeing) and get them into a separate tank where you can provide the right kind of food. The food will need to be enriched rotifers.

    A good place to start is

    I am sure that there are resources on that site to help, or you can post your story on the forum and see what they suggest.
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    I noticed another swarm last night. My possum wrasse went to town
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    after collecting the fry you will need rotifers quality phyto and a small tank with a bit of circulation from an airstone. Blacken all sides of the tank to prevent the fry from using energy trying to get through the glass.
    im guessing these fish have a long planktonic stage thus difficult to rear but not impossible.
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    You realize this post is from 2011. Not a problem just wanted to point that out. I did the same thing on here when i started posting.
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    who cares when its from, when sharing knowledge its never too late!
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