Breeding neon tetras

Discussion in 'Community Tropical' started by fishlady, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. fishlady

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    I want to set up a tank for breeding neon tetras however I don't want to have to mess with separating the males and females and then picking one of each and hoping for the best. I would want them to be able to school and breed in normal fashion just trying to figure out a way to protect the eggs from the parents. Looking for suggestions.
  2. Scott Wiersema

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    1. You can use marbles or medium sized stones.
    2. The plastic mesh from craft section cut to fit tightly in tank. You can make little bins upside down to protect eggs. Use weights to hold down.
    3. Lots of plants like java moss.
  3. fishlady

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    Got the tank set up today. Sorry it's so dirty but had to work with what little rain water I had left so unfortunately not much of a water change so water is gross.
    It has poret foam holding up some eggcrate about 1 1/2" off the bottom on 3 sides, needle point plastic on top of that and then the driftwood with java moss holding that all in place. The side that is open has a poret foam wall with a small opening at the bottom where water can move through but adults shouldn't be able to get to. Hoping that the eggs will fall through the false bottom and be pulled over and behind the poret foam wall which will help block the light and give the fry a place to grow up. Heater and sponge filter are behind foam wall where fry will be but shouldn't create much of a current on the adult side. Now wait and see if it works.

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    Took that tank apart today and moved the adults to a different tank. Didn't see any fry, but put in a sponge filter and turned the lights off. I don't think this worked but perhaps it might for a different species. Perhaps I will try again with a different type of fish.

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