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    A revision to the club bylaws has been proposed by Randy Peterson and signed by five club members. The stated purpose of the revision is to redefine membership so that the club will be able to qualify for non-profit status.

    The process for ratification is:
    • the revision is posted in the open forum for member review
    • the revision is read at the next general meeting
    • a vote of club members present at the meeting following the reading will be taken on the ratification of the revision.
    This post is the public posting of the revision. The full copy of the REVISED bylaws are attached to this message. Here is the revised section:

    I. Membership
    A. All persons interested in aquatic life shall be eligible for membership subject to the approval of the Executive Board. Applicants must be willing to abide by the By-Laws, and must maintain an interest in the activities of the Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists.

    B. All prospective members shall submit an annual application, which shall be approved or rejected by the Executive Board. If rejected, the membership chairperson shall provide an explanation.

    C. Membership shall last for one club year or fraction thereof as set forth by the Executive Board.

    D. There are two types of Membership Pay as you go membership Annual Membership

    E. Membership criteria (1) Pay as you go membership Attend an MAAH function Pay any related fees for the function as determined by the executive board or the delegated committee chair. Pay as you go members are encouraged but not required to fill out a membership application (2) Annual Memberships Attend any MAAH function Submit a membership application Pay annual membership fees as determined by the executive board or the delegated committee chair.

    F. Membership benefits (1) Pay as you go membership Entrance to MAAH Functions Eligibility for club committees. (2) Annual Memberships Entrance to monthly meetings. Access to member only areas of the club website. Access to member only events. Entrance to annual club picnic and holiday events. Voting privileges for annual Executive Board elections. Eligibility for the Executive Board. Eligibility for club committees. Eligibility for Committee chair positions

    G. Membership removal 1. Removal of any member must be made by a two-thirds (⅔) majority vote of the Executive Board. 2. No vote shall take place until the member has been notified by the Executive Board, and that member has had one week to respond to the charges. 3. The member may be notified in absentia by announcing at a regular meeting and posting in a member only section of the club website. 4. A member may be removed for the following reasons: a) Malfeasance, theft, or dishonesty. 5. A member may be reinstated at the discretion of the Executive Board.

    The revision will be read at read aloud at the August 18, 2018 general meeting.

    A vote to accept (ratify) the revision will take place at the September general meeting.

    The current bylaws can be seen here: BYLAWS

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