Candy Stripe Goby (Awaous Flavus)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Dave74, May 25, 2019.

  1. Dave74

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    I have 3 Candy Stripe Goby (Awaous Flavus) for sale. A very active goby that eats everything including flake and pellets with gusto. It is also fun to watch them sift the sand looking for things to eat. There is 1 male and 2 females. I really like these fish but I found a 1 inch rasbora in the male's mouth today (the rasbora managed to escape). I've had them for 8 months and I've had no problems so far with eating other fish, so I think they are fine with anything over 1.5 inches. Their natural feeding style is sifting sand for small invertebrates. They are typically very expensive because they are amphidromous (and therefore hard/impossible to raise fry). These ones are wild caught (Brazil). I need to get rid of these so any price is right with me.

    Pickup in southwest Madison, or delivery somewhere within 20 minutes or so.

  2. fishlady

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    do they eat Malaysian trumpet snails?
  3. Dave74

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    Sorry for the late reply, I am on vacation.

    I do not have any snails, so I do not know. But I've never heard reports of them eating snails either.
  4. Dave74

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