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    Here is a bit of a laundry list of things we need to do, add or change to the program. Most of this is associated with becoming more compliant with CARES Preservation Program (CPP - who have FINALLY sent what they need from us).

    CARES Registration Sheets -
    Sometime in the next couple weeks I will post a CARES registration sheet that we will each need to fill out for each of the species that we are keeping. When we first started up the program, I just asked for people to make a list on the forum. That worked at first, but now it is unwieldy. CPP has a good form that will also make it easier for us to keep track of the awards that we will get from CPP. I will post a link to the form and ask that we have them to me by the January meeting. I will use that data and out distribution data to complete the CPP data tale that they want us to send them every few months.

    CPP Certificates & Seals
    The CPP is basically a recognition program. You will get a certificate for each species you are keeping, and then earn seals for ding certain things for that species. All we will be doing is sending the information to CPP. We will be printing and distributing the certificates and seals here. So basically, but becoming a CPP affiliate we are making CPP's job easier :rolleyes: . I actually prefer it that way, because sometimes the response from CPP is slow.

    CPP Provenance
    This has been a bit of a discussion on the forum lately. Proving provenance to the CPP is the BIG REASON we should not be participating in the CARES for Individuals Program. Within our club it is much easier to chase down provenance. CPP has to be a lot more careful about data they are getting from an individual somewhere on the other side of the country, so they are sticklers for the details. HOWEVER, by affiliating our club with CPP the burden of provenance (like every thing else) falls on us. So if we accept the fish, then CPP will to. So unless you want the headache of proving provenance CPP's way.... stop submitting species to CARES for Individuals and just participate in our program. We will still have to prove provenance, but we will NOT (in most cases) need to track the line back to wild fish. We only need to go as far as someone who has already been vetted, and that is a lot easier to do within our club.

    More provenance...
    The biggest problem with provenance is buying fish without clearing the provenance FIRST. Buying off of Aquabid, at an auction outside of MAAH meetings or from a store can create a problem for provenance IN SPECIES THAT ARE POTENTIALLY HYBRIDS.... this is most applicable to Lake Victorian and Lake Malawi peacock cichlids. We have an advantage that other clubs do not have. I am on of the people listed by CARES who can proclaim a fish pure. I actually take this responsibility very seriously, but I also have the contacts to get a fish without a proven provenance checked out for us. Our club's line of Kyoga flamebacks was 'cleared' by Greg Steeves when he was here and saw the fish first hand. Steve can proclaim a line of Victorian cichlids clean. Once a line is identified as clean, the provenance starts there. So if you have Kyoga flamebacks that came from within our club's population, there is no need to look for provenance further back.

    Distribution Certificates...
    To help people who receive fish from MAAH members register their fish with us, CPP for Individuals or their club's program, we are going to start encouraging the use of a distribution certificate that travels with the fish. I am still thinking about the best way to do this, but I am leaning toward a business card-size document with some basic provenance information and a statement that says that the fish distributed with the certificate have been accepted as pure by MAAH and the CPP. There will also be some places for contact information. That way if the receiver has issues with CPP, they can direct CPP to us for verification.

    Another caution about obtaining fish...
    I cannot reiterate this enough. If you are out there looking for new priority species to bring into the club, please do not purchase them until AFTER you can verify provenance. If there is a specific species you are looking for, solicit our help in finding them. I can point you at reliable sources (if there are any). If I cannot help you find them, and you find some listed somewhere, copy me on the email and let me ask the seller a few questions about provenance. It is better to pass on a questionable source.
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    Ok, that's cleared up. :) I really like the idea of paperwork going with the fish, that will certainly make it easier in obtaining fish from parents already registered with CARES.
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    Attached is a CARES Preservation Program Registration Sheet. It is easier than it is set up to be. I only need your name and contact information once. Email and/or phone is all I need. Fill out one line on the table for each species that you have. This is ONLY for the species that are on the CARES Preservation Program Priority list, so please check there to see if the fish you want to list is on it. MAAH has a more complete list than CARES. If you do not know the provenance (where your fish came from), leave that section blank. A blank box tells me that I have some checking to do. I may have checking to do even if you do fill in the box, but maybe not.

    I will collect these at the meeting. If you want a word document to fill out, send me your email address via PM and I will send it to you.

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