Cataclysm... little help on Thursday

Discussion in 'Upcoming MAAH Events' started by tjudy, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. tjudy

    tjudy Executive Board Staff Member

    Nick and I will be loading up a couple vans with all the stuff for Cataclysm on Thursday afternoon in STOUGHTON. There will be some heavy lifting, and we will need some help. Can anyone come give us a hand? Specifically, we will need to lift a 150 and a 90 into the vehicles, but after that the labor is light and easy. I do not think that this will take more than 30 minutes. We cannot unload the vans until Friday morning at the hotel, but after loading the vans we will probably head over to the Crown Plaza to meet the speakers and early arriving guests, and probably go out to eat.

    Nick will pick a time to do this. He has the van.
  2. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    I can help, I am off work and 10 minutes away so let me know when.
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    REVTODD Active Member Staff Member

    I should be free to help. As of now I have off so let me know.
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  4. tjudy

    tjudy Executive Board Staff Member

    For everyone who can help load the vans, let's meet at my storage unit at 10:00 AM Thursday. The storage unit is at my old fish room in the blue building in Stoughton. Corner of Veterans Rd and Academy Rd. Address is 900 Veterans Rd. This will not take a lot of time, but there are a couple heavy items we will need help with.
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  5. Mike F

    Mike F Advisory Board

    okilly dokilly, neighborino.

    REVTODD Active Member Staff Member

    That was fun. Hope to see you all tonight.

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