Cataclysm Update - September 22-24 @ Crowne Plaza Madison

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    Hello Everyone! Cataclysm is right around the corner. We are gearing up for a great event. The pre-registration deadline for meals and banquet has past, but for MAAH members who may want a last minute banquet ticket ($45), please let me know in the next day or two so I can add the number to what I will send to the hotel.

    You can still register for Cataclysm's speakers and access to the vendor room, Rare Catfish Auction, Silent Auctions and Hospitality suite. The cost is still only $35 and will not go up. That $35 includes a voucher for a one year membership to MAAH, so you are getting access to Cataclysm for $10 more than a club membership will cost. You can buy a pass and see the event schedule at

    The Rare Catfish Auction will have over 100 bags, and we are very very close to reaching our goal of 100 different species. That auction takes place throughout the day on Saturday, 9/23. You can see all the fish that are in the auction in the Cataclysm Rare Catfish Auction at .

    We have several great Silent Auction items this year too. These will also be posted in the MyGroupAuctions list with the Rare Catfish Auction. A lot of the items are new, but we will have some interesting used items also:

    Aqueon 15 gallon setup (New)
    Aqueon 10 gallon set up (New)
    Aqueon Quiet Flow 75 filter w/media package (New)
    Aqueon 20 gallon rimless turtle tank with filter, LED light and stand (New)

    Marineland 27 cube set up with tank, cabinet stand, & light (all used), and Magniflow 160 canister filter (new)
    Marineland Magniflow 160 canister filter (New)
    Marineland emperor 400 filter (New)
    Marineland Stick LED Day/Night 55g light (New)

    Repashy Superfood Bottom Scratcher 70.4 oz (the largest jar)
    Repashy Superfood Grub Pie 70.4 oz (the largest jar)
    Repashy Superfood Soilent Green 70.4 oz (the largest jar) 90gal set up with tank, cherry stain cabinet & canopy, & seamless sump filter (new)

    150-gallon aquarium on a cabinet stand, with a matching canopy and complete seamless sump filter system... this is a used set up

    Custom cabinet stand by Paul Miner at Blue Terra Design... this is the same beautiful stand that was under my planted aquarium for a couple years. It will fit any tank with a 48"x 18" footprint (such as a standard 75g)... also used

    We will also have a LOT of smaller items... too many to list!

    So the Crowne Plaza Madison on East Washington St. is the place to be the weekend of September 22-24. Watch the MyGroupAuctions lists for updates on the Rare Catfish and Silent Auctions. We also have a very active FaceBook group where the vendors coming to Madison with all their stuff to sell are taking pre-orders.
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  2. fishlady

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    Is anyone planning on selling out of their hotel room?
  3. tjudy

    tjudy Executive Board Staff Member

    Several people from out of town will be. I am not sure who from in town is staying in the hotel.

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