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    Posting a discussion on the clarity of BAP rules and changes.

    Color varients

    There will be no extra 5 points for each New color varient of a species. Just new species only. This has been in effect for the past season.

    Color varients c/d class

    It was brought up to me that there is no rule addressing color, location varients of established/new species when it comes to getting your deserved C/D class check mark. I have noticed there has been only 1 species subbmitted as a varient. It recieved the proper 5 point value as an already submitted species. It did recieve a count towards total C/D spawns. The question is was tbis a clerical mistake or something that has been in place? I strongly agree that members participating in bap should be allowed a C/D class count for verified color varients, location varients. Only will recieve 5 points for the varient , but get a check for c/d fish spawned. This is no where in the rules so it needs to be clarified. Examples....

    Tropheus moori "kashese" Bap vs Tropheus moorii " chaitika ". 2 very distinct location varients of the same species. C class fish.

    Discus "ornamental" Marlboro Red vs Discus " ornamental " red torquoise . D class fish.

    Both examples are cleary different location/color varients. I want to see this clarified where as a known varient will get you your well deserved c/d class spawn count under c/d spawns. Reason is some hobbiests only like working with certain species and the different color varients. Caradina C class shrimp are a good example also. The species first BAP species is no easier to breed than its varient. Deserving a well earned spawn. 5 points vc/vd and your check for a c/d spawned.

    Ultimate track

    Per long lasting rules the requirements for ultimate is 500 points and 120 of those points must be C or D class fish. There is a list of levels that show different requirements but not as a written rule. The other list of requirements says you need 18 C or D class spawns to achieve this plus the required specific fish needed. I propose a review of this and stick to the original rules of 120 points of the 500 must be C or D class fish. I qm also proposing we get rid of the ultimate level 2. It really dosent make much sense and has never been verified as a level to achieve. In place of an ultimate level 2 I propose a new program in BAP. This will be a class based award system where a member can breed and focus on what they enjoy instead of focusing on the ultimate level of the various specific fishes.

    New proposed award system added to BAP

    This is very exciting and will not change anything in how the BAP program is run. It will be very challenging and perfect for those who like to breed a certain class of fish and their varients. Here is how it works.

    There are several classes of fish we use for the BAP. Labyrinth fish, characins, cyprinids ,catfish, cichlids, live bearers, shrimp, killifish ect. An example to achieve a new award to work for is this. This is based off cichlid, killifish and livebearer specific clubs. Take cichlids for example. There will be an award specific to cichlids. Say turn in 100 species of different cichlids . You will receive and award as a MASTER cichlid breeder. Turn in 25 different species of characins and recieve a MASTER characin breeder award. Ect on the other to be determined classes we will go by. Maybe split up catfish into loricards, corydoras, and other. Cichlids into old vs new world, killifish into African and south american ect.

    This will be an inexpensive award system to the clubs revenue and might possibly bring in more members to participate hence more revenue for the club. Win win program. So those who reach ultimate success or just want to breed what they enjoy instead of taking the ultimate challenge. This will not change how BAP runs. Just adding to the enjoyment of keeping and breeding certain classes of fish. A member who only likes livebearers can achieve a MASTER livebearer award without having to use tank space for fish c and d class fish of a different class. I belive there is maybe only 1 c class livebearer anyways out there. More details to come soon.
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    We will be drafting a simple addition of this new award program . The terms Specialist and Adept will be used as not to confuse it with our master breeder award
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