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    Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists​
    Library Policy​
    Established September 2013​
    Todd Fairbank, Librarian​

    Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists maintains a list of titles at (insert URL HERE) for “established members” in good standing to request books/periodicals to borrow. An “established member” is a member who has purchased an annual membership, or a member who has been paying at the door to attend meetings for at least 3 months (pervious 6 months will be used to determine).​

    · Books/periodicals will be brought to monthly meeting by starting a conversation with the librarian prior to a monthly meeting.​

    · The Librarian will distribute/collect the books/periodicals at the General Meetings.​

    · Books are to be returned at the next General Meeting following the Meeting at which they were withdrawn.​

    · A deposit of $1.00 for periodicals and $5.00 for books (hard or soft cover) is required at the time of borrowing, to be refunded when the item is returned on time. Deposit to be paid/refunded by cashier at the end of the general meetings.​

    · A fine of $1.00 will be charged for all late periodicals and pamphlets. A fine of $1.00 for one month late, $2.00 for two months late, and $5.00 for 3 or more months late shall be charged for all overdue books.​

    · If a book/periodical is wanted to be checked out longer, a conversation will need to be established with the Librarian prior to meeting when the book/periodical is due. If a conversation is not make prior to the meeting when book/periodical is due, late fines will be assessed to the member​

    · The Librarian will send notices to or call all members who have books out for two or more months asking them to return them at or before the next General Meeting.​

    · A sheet on proper care of Library books will be given to each member borrowing out a book.​

    · In the event of lost or damaged books or videos, the person responsible shall be liable to the extent of the replacement cost of the book/periodical. Failure to make restitution shall be grounds for dismissal from the club until such time as said restitution is made.​

    · Limit of 3 books/periodicals can be checked out at any one time by a member.​
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