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Discussion in 'Planted Aquarium Tech' started by eltrut420, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. eltrut420

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    my co2 tank ran dry. is it straight c02 I run, my bud says he runs a blend for his homebrew operationwhich got me thinking. is there more than one type? I'm gonna go to a sports store that fills them for paintball guns. is that a suitable type?
  2. Mike F

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    if the store calls it co2 it should be good to go, if they call it 'compressed air' it probably won't be useful. Homebrewing 'air blend' will be mostly nitrogen with some co2. pure co2 is what you want.
  3. eltrut420

    eltrut420 Member

    Ok thats exactly what i needed to know. Thanks alot

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