Cryptocoryne Usteriana

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquatic Plants' started by gordon, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. gordon

    gordon Active Member

    Here are some pictures of the Crypt Usteriana that I bought to the auction at the last meeting. It is tall and very striking with lots of red coloring and veining. Pictures don't do it justice. Easy to grow.



  2. Aquaticus

    Aquaticus Administrator

    Georgeous plants!
  3. gordon

    gordon Active Member

    This variety was being passed around the old MAGC club for awhile, but it is not commonly found at stores or suppliers. I am not sure why not. It is not rare or expensive. It is easy to grow, very colorful veining with attractive hammered leaves. One of my favorite crypts that I will always be in my tank.

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