Culturing Paramecium what food?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Health, Disease and Nutrition' started by Scott Wiersema, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Scott Wiersema

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    I have a bunch baby tetra fry. Wha tare the best foods for a parmecium culture? I have a live culture. I tries putting a piece of dry catfood in a couple of liters in a bowl. There seems to e some growth. Is vegetable better? In the past I have used green water. I know there is more that one right answer.
  2. Aquaticus

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    Mike Hellweg gave a great presentation at Cataclysm. He doesn't specifically cultivate paramecium anymore, just mixed culture water. Randy, do you have that presentation?
  3. AssassinJimmie

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    Mike reiterated what I've heard before. Start with water from a healthy and well established tank and add a food source be it dog/cat food or just about anything else. Certain things can break down faster such as cooked lettuce which might provide a faster culture boom but as with any quick solution it usually results in a quick turn over. Best thing to do is establish a culture and find a food that works providing the quantity of paramecium needed without crashing the culture. From my experience this is not hard and a very low risk situation since a new culture can be obtained from any healthy aquarium.
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  4. Marine590622

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    I have to double check but I believe the only presentations I was not able to get a copy of were Nathon's and that was because they were simply too large to fit on the thumb drive. Nathon indicated he would make them available to us via dropbox.
  5. tjudy

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    I used to use a dry dog food kibble... but I no longer have a dog. I would probably try some fish food pellets.
  6. tjudy

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    I bet dry Repashy stirred into the water would work very well.

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