Cypts parva and petchii

Discussion in 'General Planted Aquarium' started by AreYouKiddingMe, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. AreYouKiddingMe

    AreYouKiddingMe Active Member

    Are either of these hard to keep? They are in a long low tank with LED's overtop, daily Excel dosing. Do i need CO2 to make them happy? I planted them all yesterday and they were all standing straight up this morning.

    just wanna keep them alive and happy and have them fill in as a possible carpet lol.
  2. Aquaticus

    Aquaticus Administrator

    I've had parva, and it never did much for me in a low tech tank. It hung on for a long time, but didn't spread well. I've read that in order to get a carpet from C. parva, you have to dry start them, and even then it can take a while. I haven't kept C. petchii.

  3. AreYouKiddingMe

    AreYouKiddingMe Active Member

    crap i put this in the wrong section LMAO, thanks for the response.. I will watch both closely.. I have root tabs in there too so i hope what i have will help starting.. if not, I can DIY Co2 fast :)
  4. Chuck

    Chuck Well-Known Member

    i have had some parva for years. it never grew much. then i spit it and it started to grow. its a low tech set up.
  5. AreYouKiddingMe

    AreYouKiddingMe Active Member

    so if i have the invitro parva, it comes in lil clumps, would it be best to break up those clumps further? Last night after work, i noticed the petchii seemed to be doing really good, the parva was still just green and there lol
  6. AreYouKiddingMe

    AreYouKiddingMe Active Member

    so an update, the petchii is filling in fast, like much faster than i was expecting.. the parva is filing in, just not anywhere near the speed of the other one. petchii might take over the tank at this rate.. lol.
  7. Chuck

    Chuck Well-Known Member

    I would split it personally. Mine seems to like growing in tight clumps to a certain point and then slow down
  8. AreYouKiddingMe

    AreYouKiddingMe Active Member

    will do tonight :)

  9. AreYouKiddingMe

    AreYouKiddingMe Active Member

    petchii is still spreading fast.. must be great for them.. the parva are growing and spreading, just much slower. Wonder if its at all possible that the petchii leaves are slightly wider, thus getting more light to help them grow than the small parva? IDK, i just like how plants look :p
  10. Vshrimp

    Vshrimp Member

    Well heres a tank carpeted with crypt parva when i was in HI this early year. Guess how long it took the owner of the tank to grow out all this. 5 years lol

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  11. AreYouKiddingMe

    AreYouKiddingMe Active Member

    yuck.. lol.. looks amazing, but yuck for 5 years.. i have much less time.. my petchii probably could carpet much faster.

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