derimming a 20 gallon long

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Gar, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Gar

    Gar Member

    I have a old 20 long that my girlfriend just pointed out would fit in our china cabinet if it were not for the trim on the tank. So I am debating on taking off the rim. I know it is safe to remove the top but I am wondering if it is safe to remove the bottom? So anyone here have any experience with derimming tanks? Thanks
  2. JeffW

    JeffW Well-Known Member

    It is safer to remove the bottom more so than the top. Since it is a 20L and it fits snugly in there should not be a problem.
  3. Gar

    Gar Member

    ok going to start draining the tank now. I will try to post a pic when it gets all done.
  4. Gar

    Gar Member

    678A0206.JPG 678A0204.JPG So I decided to just shave the sides off the trim. Tight fit if it were 1/16 bigger it would not fit. I gotta change the power supple otherwise going to re fill it tomorrow.
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