EB Meeting Minutes Febrary 16, 2018

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  1. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    Meeting called to order at 11:15

    Board members in attendance:
    Sean S. - President
    Nicholas L. - Sergeant at Arms
    Scott W. - Member at Large
    Megan McGuire - Secretary
    Mike F. - Treasurer
    John L - Member at Large
    Steve S. - VP

    Also present
    Beth S.
    Randy P.

    Last month's meeting minutes were approved as published. Motion made by Nicholas, seconded by Mike.

    President's Report
    Nothing to report

    Treasurer's Report
    Mike reviewed the finances. We have $4000 after outstanding debts.

    Committee Reports

    Membership (Beth S.)

    BAP (Steve S.)
    Steve was abscent

    GARP (Mike F)
    Volunteers at GLAC received points.

    CARES (Sean S)
    The deadline for submissions was Jan 10, not the 30th so we did not get ours in on time.

    Programs (Randy P.)
    Craig cancelled his speaking engagement for May due to a family event.

    Chris Lukhaup is still up in the air for July

    Speaker lodging - tabled for March

    Website (Randy P & Megan M)
    All but 3 speakers are listed on the website
    Need some program descriptions and bios - Randy to get this to Megan
    Need to put FaceBook links on website
    Diana to post BAP updates

    Subpar auction lots
    Everyone should try to inspect incoming lots - runners should be instructed to pull anything that looks questionable.

    2 applicants for chairman - Randy P. and Megan McGuire
    Space negotiation. Megan shared tips from Ted.
    A motion was made to form a committee to explore venue options for 2019. Megan will chair and Beth will be on the committee.
    It was decided to give the chairman application process 2.5 more weeks, until February 28th.

    Venues suggested included:
    Johnson Creek Convention Center
    Wyndham Garden in Fitchburg
    Marriott in Middleton
    Crowne Plaza in Madison
    Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison
    Hilton Garden in Middleton

    Tabled until a chair is appointed.

    Promotion Committee
    10 new people in the FB group

    Bylaws Review
    Randy using Mike's suggestions to rewrite

    Corporate Duties
    Annual Report - Megan filed. Due March 31.

    Gardening Expo (Mike F.)
    Expenses $1, 436
    $240 selling plants
    The rest of the extra plants will be in today's auction
    We have three 50g set ups left over. Mike suggested selling them for $200, no decision was made as to the price to sell them at.
    Nicholas can buy the 48" light he requested from Aqueon for $130
    The event went well - contestants were happy.
    The rules created by committee members were not strictly enforced. Sean suggested that the judging criteria be changed to reflect whether entrants followed the rules. Then it would be their choice whether or not to lose those points.
    Tabled for the committee to discuss.

    ACA List Awards
    This is a component of the BAP program. Steve is not here to address this.

    MAAH Fall Auction
    Sean reported that there is not much to compete with in Septenber as long as we don't do it the same weekend as the Rockford swap.
    August there is nothing, but Scott pointed out there is a reason for this. Most people are out and about and not working on their fishrooms,
    There are a bunch of fish activities in October and November is iffy because of deer hunting season and Thanksgiving.
    A motion was made, possibly by Sean, to hold the auction in September, seconded by (again, didn't catch who) and the motion was voted down. There will be no fall auction.

    EB Forum Rights
    Should only be EB and Advisory Board members. Only the past year's board members and the current committee chairs should be on the AB. This means the only AB members should be:

    Current AB is:
    Chris Berns
    John Helgestad
    Chuck Breiter
    Patrick Gray
    Beth Syrjamaki
    Randy Peterson
    Randy will work on cleaning this up. Will announce at meeting today that this will be cleaned up by "such and such a date."

    Storage Unit
    Nicholas reported that a 5x10 storage unit would cost $70 per month. The motion was made and seconded to rent a unit. There was one dissenting vote.

    Olbrich Event
    Olbrich gardens wants two 4' salt water tanks set up for an event they are having.
    It was decided that we didn't have enough notice to participate and we would refer them to MARS. Sean noted we would need 2-3 months minimum notice to pull something like this off. Megan noted that we don't have enough salt keeping members to do this and that they would likely not want to rip apart their own tanks to set this up.

    Credit Cards for Auction Payments
    Scott brought up the fact that there have been instances where people have been mugged while arriving at or leaving other club meetings because it is generally known that people are carrying cash. Someone suggested that the buyers pay the CC fee so that the club is not out that amount. No fee amount was set. Megan has the CC reader and will bring it to the next meeting.

    Meeting Adjourned at 12:45
  2. Mike F

    Mike F Active Member

    Gardening expo:
    Didn't make $1436, other way around, lost that much. (which was within the $1500 appropriation and excluded potential surplus equipment sales)
    Never settled on prices for surplus equipment at the meeting, ran outta time

    fall auction:
    Pretty sure motion was by Sean on whether or not to have a fall auction at all, which was voted down. He might remember the specifics better though.

    EB forum rights:
    Previous year's board members and current committee chairs are the AB, not committee members

    Current AB is:
    Chris Berns
    John Helgestad
    Chuck Breiter
    Patrick Gray
    Beth Syrjamaki
    Randy Peterson
  3. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    Thanks, Mike. Changes have been made to the existing post.

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