EB Meeting Minutes January 20, 2018

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  1. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    Sean Stake, President
    Mike Fink, Treasurer
    Nicholas Lager, Sergeant at Arms
    Scott W, Member at Large
    Megan McGuire, Secretary
    John Lambing, member at large
    Steve S., VP

    Also present
    Beth S.
    Randy P.
    Dan R.

    President's Report

    Treasurer's Report
    Mike reviewed the finances.
    Our monthly expenses are between $250-$400 and we generally break even with the auction and membership dues/ door fees.
    Vice President's Report

    BAP is up to date.

    Nov: 25 people attended, 3 new members, $80 taken in

    Wabikusa - Keith Strade won!

    End of January will turn in CARES inventories

    Randy will provide a complete list to put up on the website soon.
    Speaker accomodations - table until June.

    John was absent


    Cataclysm 2019
    Sean to secure live stock
    We will invite applicants for the chair position from the membership at large.
    Megan will get qualifications from Ted and make an application form.
    Megan will call the big convention centers to see what dates are available and what the rates will be.

    Holiday/Volunteer Party
    Food okay.
    Dan Randall had input. He wondered why was a "thank you" necessary. The timing of the announcement was short notice. Seemed disappointing, an afterthought.

    Cataclysm Seperation
    Need chair first
    Randy will help the chair.
    Why separate?
    Legal responsibilities
    Has separate entity - needs a board - by laws
    Should it be a for profit, LLC?

    3-4 new people join FB group

    Chris absent

    Bag Program
    Dan presented pricing structure some losses and some profits = balanced out
    approved by the board

    Audit Update
    $595 paid
    $600 descrepancy

    Legal Stuff
    Mike got us on the non-profit database
    Enter with EIN
    Now missing on another database

    Mike & Megan are going to create turn over folder for new board members

    Garden Expo
    Volunteers need to be secured
    Passes have been received.
    Megan secured judges' hotel rooms
    2nd t-shirt order placed
    Need to promote to newbies; maybe have a newbie category
    Stands need to be built by next week
    Need table clothes for tables.
    Black blasting sand - Randy will pre-rinse enough for one tank in the draft.
    Megan will organize the group order with Waterscapes
    Randy picking up plants from Mark of Excellence at GCCA swap

    Fall auction - Sean will find dates

    Forum Rights
    Randy will look at it for Feb.

    We bought 2.

    Adjourned 12:30pm
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  2. Mike F

    Mike F Advisory Board

    Had one Wabi kusa, Keith strade
  3. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    Correction made! :)

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