EB Meeting Minutes May 19, 2018

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  1. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    Meeting called to order at 11:29
    Present: Forgot to note this, but the following people were there for sure
    Megan M
    Mike F
    Sean S
    Steve S
    Scott W.

    Also Present
    Beth S
    Dan R

    Amendments to last months minutes
    - Speaker fee was increased to $100
    - Standard Operating Procedures for the board will be compiled by June
    -Mike made a motion to approve as corrected. Megan 2nd the motion.

    Pres Report

    VP Report

    Treasurer's Report
    -No deposit was made for April
    333.80 Auction
    $140 Membership
    -Dan will take over membership today.

    -All up-to-date
    -There was a question about BAP Rules. Steve addressed it in this thread:
    -There were 150 Babs this year
    New award - Specialist (as in specialist in a particular species) Based on specialty club BAP programs
    - Steven is currently posting the BAP results on a forum post. A link to this post should be put on the website.

    - No trees last month
    - May is flowering plants
    - Next month is plants that sell for more than $5.
    - Still need someone to take over the committee since Mike is leaving
    - Mike is going to discontinue the "Unique" bonus as it is a pain to calculate.

    -Claudia responded w/ requirements
    - We are officially a CARES club now.

    - Still no September Speaker
    - Next year we will have Joe Doyle

    -The committee made up of the volunteers met last week.
    -They decided to have a Dutch auction because we do not have enough man-power to run an auction like the one last year. Sean suggested we could have a smaller traditional auction in addition to the Dutch auction because it is fun.
    -Ted is working on the speakers. He worked out a deal with the European Catfish Study Group to give each attendee a free membership to their group. We will add $10 to the admission fee for this and this will cover a 2nd European speaker who will be a CFSG representative.
    -Ted is going to import fish for the auction.
    -PR will be put off until after CATCON.
    -Will be donating a Gift Certificate for Cataclysm to the CATCON auction.

    - More time is needed to finish auction before people get in line to pay.
    -Grimmeys after auction
    -Announcements after auction
    -Buyers only first
    -Need people to help clean up afterwards

    Domain was renewed

    Nicholas L was abscent

    Chris B. was abscent

    Randy is still working on this.

    Old Business
    Government stuff
    Almost done with tax-exempt form $600 to renew. Expired May 15, 2017 so Cataclysm was not tax exempt.

    Garden Expo

    Storage Rental
    -Nothing available on the Eastside @ good prices.
    -5x5 $70 per month on Verona Road
    -Need to do this now.
    -Mike moved to approve this space, Sean 2nd.

    Meeting Space
    4 problems finding a place
    Door Fee
    Time of meeting (4:30 is too late to be done for most venues)
    Expense of venues
    Having the meeting on a Saturday

    July Picnic
    -Will announce the need for a host at today's meeting.
    - If no one steps forward Megan will locate a park to hold the picnic in.

    Mike moved to conclude the meeting at 12:28 pm and Sean 2nd.

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