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    MAAH May 2017 Board Meeting
    Dream Lanes​
    2017 Board Members
    President: Chris Berns
    Vice President: Patrick Gray
    Secretary: Mike Fink
    Treasurer: Megan McGuire
    Sergeant-at-Arms: Chuck Breiter
    Members At Large:
    John Helgested
    Beth Syrjamaki

    Chris - X
    Mike - X
    Megan - X
    Patrick - X

    Board members not present:
    Beth -X
    Chuck - X
    John - X

    I. Call To Order: 11:23 a.m.

    II. Officer Reports:
    • Treasurer's Report: Megan is looking for assistance with book keeping.

    III. Advisory Board Report:

    IV. Committee Reports:
    1. Auction (Mike): An auction report for the April auction was presented. April auction participation and averages and were much lower than the previous two months. Attendance was very low due to the holiday weekend and good weather. Sean Stake is training to replace Mike as auction chair over the coming months.
    2. Breeder Award Program (BAP) (Patrick/Ted): Ted has stepped down from BAP involvement for now and the BAP program is being run by advisory board members for the time being.
    3. Catfish Cataclysm (Ted): Chris noted it will soon be time to run another registration promotion for cataclysm. Registration numbers are behind compared to the previous cataclysm at this time of year. (A cataclysm planning meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 30th, 7:00pm at the East Great Dane)
    4. GARP (Mike): May will be the third month of GARP season 0. The program is doing well and we are seeing a much larger variety of plants than beforehand.
    5. Membership (Beth): Printed membership reports were available for perusal.
    6. Programs (Randy):
      1. June - Matt Peterson Marine Topic TBD
      2. July - Annual Club Picnic!
    7. Web (Randy):
    V. Old Business
    1. D&O insurance: No updates, the goal still is to establish insurance before Cataclysm

    2. The bag program has done very well and we are almost out of bags. Chris will be stepping down from the bag sales responsibility and we need someone to step up to takeover the bag program if it is to continue.

    3. We need a chairperson for the WPT Garden Expo aquascaping event. The Garden Expo is in February and planning should begin soon. Anyone interested in chairing this event please contact the executive board.

    VI. New Business
    1. Executive board elections will take place at the May meeting. There will be 3 open positions from board members finishing their terms. Two additional 1-year positions are also open. If there are enough interested parties, Patrick and Chuck will step down due to work scheduling conflicts. Officer positions determined by the new board after elections.

    2. The summer picnic is coming up in July! Preparations will begin soon. The annual club picnic is a fun, relaxed social event and all members are welcome and encouraged to attend!

    VII. Adjournment at 12:00 p.m.

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