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    MAAH October 2017 Board Meeting
    Hody Bar & Grill​
    2017 Board Members
    President: Sean Stake
    Vice President: Steve Suchon
    Secretary: Megan McGuire
    Treasurer: Mike Fink
    Sergeant-at-Arms: Nicholas Lager
    Members At Large:
    John Lambing
    Scott Wiersema

    Sean - X
    Steve - X
    Megan - X
    Mike -X
    John L. - X
    Scott - X

    Board members not present:

    I. Call To Order: 11:14 a.m.

    II. Officer Reports:
    • President's report: Sean will be absent next month

    • Vice President's report: Steve noted he had nothing to report, but will start checking in with committee chairs who may be absent at meetings to see if there's anything to report to the board

    • Treasurer's Report:
      • A printed balance sheet and expense report was available to all in attendance
    III. Advisory Board Report: Does not really “meet”, except on the forum.

    IV. Committee Reports:
    1. Auction (Mike):
      • Auction reports were posted online and printouts were available at the meeting.
      • August auction was fair to poor.
      • Fall Auction event turned a good profit and good bag average. Considering the effort spent planning and advertising, the exposure related to cataclysm, the raffle incentives, and the outcome's dependence on donated bags, the event could be considered a disappointment.
      • Mike is resigning as auction chair but will continue to work the auctions. John Lambing has stepped forward to takeover.
    2. Breeder Award Program (BAP) (Steve/Sean):
      • Steve emailed an updated BAP list last month to be posted on the club website but the task got lost in the shuffle. Our web team's workload has been high lately. Steve asked that last month's list be ignored and we post the new list once he has BAP results updated from the month's meeting, possibly later this week.
      • A member was wondering about provisions for putting minimum bids on high value BAP bags. Steve and the auction chair gave the ok for this particular instance. Steve will review the BAP rules in light of this case.
      • Steve and Sean have printed certificates for BAP participants! Certificates are available for recent qualified participants and for earlier years upon request. Contact Steve or Sean for further information.
    3. Aquatic Gardening (GARP) (Mike):
      • Month's theme is "Harvest Festival Mogul! +2 points per plant lot submitted that sells for $5.00+"
      • Next month's theme is "En Garde! +2 points for each variety of echinodorus submitted"
      • Mike noted he hasn't been spending much time on GARP and is getting pretty busy, but GARP doesn't take much work to oversee.
    4. Conservation Outreach (CARES) (Steve/Sean):
      • Points for the newly established club CARES program are not updated yet but work is in progress
    5. Catfish Cataclysm (Ted): Not present.
      • The board notes the event and its execution were widely praised by attendees and there was a lot of positive feedback. The auctions went smoothly and the event was a financial success.
      • Still in search of someone to plan and coordinate a party for Cataclysm volunteers.
      • Randy requested that the board approve an additional donation to Planet Catfish in appreciation of their contributions to the event and its success. Sean motioned to donate an additional $300 to Plantet Catfish. Steve seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
    6. Membership (Beth):
      • Beth would like a list of attendees from cataclysm so she can double check who is eligible for the free year of MAAH membership.
      • Beth asked if the board wanted to discontinue membership cards. Membership cards were originally envisioned to be useful as a way to get discounts at local stores and possibly other incentives but those ideas never materialized. The board agreed that the membership cards at present should be phased out, but someday they may an idea worth pursuing again.
    7. Programs (Randy): Ted has been helping to book speakers for next year as Randy's workload has been very high. At present nearly all of 2018 is booked!
      • November - TBD
      • December - Holiday Party!
    8. Web (Randy): Nothing to report
    9. Promotion (Nicholas): Absent
    10. Library (Chris): Absent
    11. Bags (Dan): Absent
    V. Old Business
    1. Audit update (Megan): Sean asked for an update on the club audit. Megan expressed some disappointment in the speed at which the contracted accountant is completing the club audit. Sean suggested a review of the contract to check the deadline that was established and go from there.

    2. Insurance (Mike): An insurance proposal was shared with the board before the meeting and printouts of the proposal were available at the meeting. Sean moved to approve the insurance proposal and enter into the contract for general liability and directors & officer's coverage. Steve seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Mike reminded the board that entering into the contract will require the signatures of the president and one other club member per club bylaws.

    3. Bag Program (Dan): Mike relayed Dan would like to run the bag program out of pocket to simplify reimbursement/accounting. The board agreed that would be practical. Some oversight will need to be established to ensure the program remains price neutral. May require an annual or semi annual report from the bag program chair. The bag program has been extremely popular and the board would like to ensure it continues

    4. Club document consolidation project (Mike): Mike has made progress and would like to get a usb jump drive to store digital club documents. Guidelines for maintenance of club records may need to be implemented into the bylaws at some point in the future.

    5. Great Lakes Aquascaping Championship 2018 (Mike): Mike presented a comprehensive brief on the current status and plans for GLAC 2018. A projected budget for the event was presented along with the brief. Mike motioned to approve the event budget, Steve seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. The GLAC will be an important part of the Wisconsin Public TV's Garden Expo at the Alliant Energy Center February 9th-11th 2018. 20,000 people attend the Garden Expo, many of whom are not in our hobby but have very similar interests. The GLAC is an excellent opportunity to promote the club and the hobby, and to educate and engage with the public. The GLAC will be an Aquatic Gardeners Association sanctioned event with both standard and large tank competitions. More information will be available soon regarding the event and registration. But save the dates! February 9-11th 2018!

    VI. New Business
    1. Bylaws Review: Sean proposed the creation of a bylaws review committee to both review the bylaws and possibly establish within the bylaws how often a bylaws review should take place. Randy expressed interest in chairing this committee, and Mike would also like to be a part of the committee. Mike motioned to establish an ad hoc committee with Randy chairing to review the bylaws and bring recommendations to the board by or at the January EB meeting. Scott seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

    2. MAAH Spring/Fall auction events: Sean asked the board if spring and fall auction events should be pursued. Mike stated he was against a spring auction event and noted that the fall auction event, while profitable, fell short of expectations and depended largely on donations. Beth and Scott agreed citing the difficulty in scheduling such an event around other auctions and events. Randy was in support of an auction event if the club put a bigger effort into marketing the event and found a good time to put the event on. Sean suggested bringing the idea to membership for opinions.

    3. Cataclysm 2019: The board discussed a proposal Ted made regarding separating Cataclysm from MAAH to become a separate legal entity. Sean was in support of the idea and was surprised it wasn't structured that way already. Mike expressed strong support for the merit of Ted's proposal and discussed the importance of detangling the finances and assuring a strong future for the event. Steve and Randy expressed support for the idea as long as the arrangement assured MAAH had right of first refusal to host the event. Sean suggested the board create a committee to oversee the separation. Beth advised the committee be very thorough and consist of 3 or more people. Mike volunteered to chair the committee. Sean moved to create an ad hoc committee to oversee the separation of the Cataclysm event as a separate legal entity from MAAH with Mike as chair. Megan seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

    4. Forum Rights: Sean asked who currently has access to the executive board forum and whether access rights to the forum have lapsed for some users. Randy is tasked to bring a list to the next board meeting of who has access to the executive board forum for review and update.

    5. Next meeting (November) the club needs to be completely checked out, packed up, and out of the room by 4:00pm!! A special attention will need to be paid to speaker and auction time.

    6. Laptop: The club laptop has a giant crack in the screen, and the keyboard has been malfunctioning. Megan would like to start looking for a new club laptop with hdmi and wondering if there was any other functionality the club will require. Mike requested a laptop carry case be purchased to protect the new laptop. Beth recommended not purchasing a mac for club purposes. Sean tasked Megan with looking into a new laptop and carry case for the club.

    VII. Meeting adjourned 12:32
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