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  1. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    Called to order 11:17am
    Officers present
    Mike, Treasurer
    Steve, VP
    Megan, Secretary

    Others present

    Notes from October were approved.

    Nothing to report

    If any committee needs anything please contact Steve S.

    Treasurer's Report
    $10,361.00 in main checking account
    $3,000 in Cataclysm account
    Outstanding bills
    Allison B. (AMB Accounting), ThinkInk (Bidding slips), Nicholas (FB ads), Dan R. (Summer Picnic)

    (Steve S.)
    Standings will be posted on Sunday/Monday
    Good competition in 20 & under
    A lot of BAP activitity

    Membership (Beth)
    Last month 28 people attended the meeting
    2 New people
    2 Memberships Expired
    2 Guests
    Most people have annual memberships
    Paper and regular forms are needed
    Megan will get Cataclysm attendee list to Beth

    CARES (Sean, absent but provided update)
    Sean has re-registered everyone. This must be done every 3 months. The end of January is the next update.

    Program (Randy)
    Speaker for May to replace Spring Auction

    Auction Chair (Mike)
    John Lambing took over last month

    Website (Megan)
    List of speakers and topics for each month requested

    Party - maybe a bigger x-mas party; D.J.; Fancy food
    Cataclysm Seperation - Ted is filing for an E.I.N.

    Promotion (Nicholas)
    Please like and share to your feed and other groups

    Library (Chris)
    It was noted that a list of titles should be made.

    Bylaws Review (Randy)

    Everything filled except May and ...... (Randy please let me know which other month)


    - Dan Randall

    Audit update
    Megan and Mike met with Allison B. the accountant who went over the books.

    Legal (Mike & Sean)
    990N form needs to be filed
    Not on IRS list of non-profits
    1023 form costs $800 to put us on the list. Mike is exploring other options.

    Directors and Officers' insurance is paid.

    Garden Expo
    Next steps and assign actions
    We have 3 small tank registrants and 1 lrg tank application.
    Lrg tank competitors can not bring their own materials.
    Small tank competitors need to bring their own materials

    Fall auction
    Sean - bring to membership for opinions
    MKE, Green Bay, Rockford and MDS
    More of a PR event rather than a fundraiser
    Beth suggested it be a CARES auction.
    Nicholas noted that Sean is probably aware of the area's swaps and so could look into schedules and see what a good date would be.

    Forum Rights
    Randy has checked into getting a list of forum members by their "rights" to trim the Executive Board form to just the executive board. It isn't possible with the forum software, but there might be add-ons that would allow him to do this.

    2 purchased.

    Cataclysm 2019
    Ted is negotiating the contract with the hotel

    Holiday party
    John moved to have the Christmas party at the Hody.
    Steve seconded.
    All approved.

    We need to let members know not to leave behind trash and/or styros. Last month there were many styros left behind and it was a pain for the staff to dispose of them.

    Steve moved to adjourn
    Megan seconded

    Adjourned 12:24pm

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