EB Minutes 11-17-18

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    Meeting called to order about 12pm
    Present Ted Judy, Sean Stake, Scott
    Wiersema, Sarah Sajdak
    Also present Beth Syrjamaki
    , Megan McGuire, Mike Fink

    Minutes from October
    No Minutes posted yet

    VP Report
    Ted - Will contact Nicholas re: Aquascaping and Keith re: Garp

    Treasurer's Report
    Sarah Presented Her report


    Membership -
    No new members;
    3 annual dues (one family ,2 single)
    Door Fees: 10.00 Dues 90.00

    No Bap Report

    Program Updates - Ted
    2019 working on
    Challenge because people are booked out and taking less speaking engagements, not booking out far
    Need someone for January - Bagging workshop (Tristan,? Ted? and Sean?)
    Speakers Confirmed
    Barbie Fiorentino (March)
    Zoe Warnick
    Cara Wade
    Robert Shields

    Auction Updates
    Remind people to put contact info on labels rather than sharpied on the bag.

    Megan will put up Christmas Party info

    Adjourned at 12:25pm
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