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    LZimm Executive Board

    Meeting called to order at 11:20
    Ted J.
    Sarah S.
    Logan Z.
    Dan R.
    Scott W.
    Nick L.

    Also Present:
    Megan M.
    Mike F.
    Randy P.

    Pres Report:

    VP Report:
    Currently going through inventory. Moving supplies into the storage unit, which is smaller than originally thought to be: 5'x5' Ted offered up the use of his storage unit, which is bigger and free for the club to use.

    Treasurer's Report:
    -Megan still owed for Cataclysm and Picnic
    -Debit Cards: Megan and Shawn are current signatories, but Shawn and Ted should be, as well as Megan for Catfish Cataclysm reasons.

    Catfish Cataclysm:
    -Working on Speaker Lineup

    -26 in attendance for June Meeting

    -Working on getting the Awards
    -Starting the new year for BAP

    -In season 1, there were 89 Unique Plants
    -Scott was the winner

    Programs Committee Created
    -looking for leutenant
    -will handle promotions for events

    Old Business
    -Working on Tax Exemption status. The Bylaws revisions should assist in reaching status.
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