EB Minutes February 17, 2018

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  1. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    Nicholas L.
    Mike F.
    Sean S.
    Scott. W.
    Steve S.
    Megan M.

    Also Present
    Dan R.

    Meeting called to order at 11:18
    Previous minutes approved.
    Treasurer's Report
    $12, 760.00 Total
    Last month's auction was good. $796.61
    Membership bump from GLAC last month.

    Cataclysm Chair Discussion (Megan abstained)
    Paper Ballot was used. There was a tie and Sean voted to break the tie.
    Megan appointed the chair.

    Mike Moved that Randy be appointed as Vice Chair. Nick seconded it. Approved.

    Last month we had three new annual memberships, one Cataclysm renewal, two from GLAC and one person who found us online.

    BAP (Steve)
    Everything is up-to-date, just waiting for it to be posted on the website.
    An idea was floated to just put a link to the Google Doc Steve uses on the website.

    This month's bonus is for red plants
    Next month it is tree like plants.

    Tristan W. is collecting CARES species for the Steven's Point Ichthyology lab.

    Programs (Randy P)
    Craig B. will not be able to speak in May. Rachel O'Leary was suggested. July might not pan out for the speaker, so it might just be the picnic.

    Auction (Beth)
    $796.61 Ted's "Mystery Boxes" netted (pun intended) $300.

    Beth took this time to make the observation that we really should document what each person does for future boards. We need to create a "Turn-over" folder when new board members are brought on. It was suggested we do this as a Google Doc.

    Sean stated that all Chairs and Board Members should have a SOP (Standing Operating Procedures) made up by __________ (either a date wasn't set or the secretary didn't catch it).

    It was also noted that the web page should be updated to say that we accept credit cards.

    Nick made the motion that Beth should be the auction chair, Steve seconded it and it passed.

    Website/Forum (Randy P)
    The members of the Advisory Board was updated per our bylaws that it should only be made up of people who just went off the board the last term and committee chairs.

    Cataclysm Separation Committee (Mike F)
    Sean made the motion to dissolve the committee, Nick (Mike?) seconded it.

    Promotion (Nicholas L)
    It was observed that we need a budget for promotion. Mike to review budget and make a recommendation. Sean made a motion, which Mike seconded, that Nicholas can spend up to $50 on promo for April meeting.

    Library (Chris)

    By-laws Review

    Tax Return Submitted?
    Megan to look for letter or call.

    WPT Garden Expo (Mike F)
    Tanks and leftovers
    Should they be used for Cataclysm?
    Thank you to Dave Deadman of Chocolate Shoppe will be written by Mike F.

    Storage Rental (Nicholas L)
    Monona 5x10 unheated space $68 per month
    It was brought up that the computers, projector and extra tanks need to be kept in a heated space.
    Nicholas to look into how much a heated space would cost.

    Adjourned at 12:27 pm (Motion by Steven S. 2nd by Nicholas L)

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