EB Minutes February 2/16/19

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  1. LZimm

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    Meeting called to order at 11:45
    Members Present:
    Ted J.
    Sean S.
    Sarah S.
    Logan Z.
    Dan R.
    Nick L.

    Also Present:
    Megan M.

    President's Report:
    -Large Tank Stands from GLAC will be stored at Dan's
    -Tanks stored in Storage Unit
    -Need to inventory leftovers from GLAC
    -Need to source good hardscape material sets for next year

    VP Report:

    BAP Updates:

    Treasurer's Report:
    -Need to enter GLAC funds
    -Tax exempt form in Mail
    -January Auction brought in $119.20, down from average of $429
    -January Memberships brought in $270

    Membership Report:
    -27 memberships in January
    -Need to introduce new members at meeting

    More donations are needed at our auctions. Number of donations are down.

    Discussed Planning to Raffle off a 50 gallon tank setup.
    -Randy will write up plan

    -Currently, June and October are unspoken for, but Ted has something in the works for one of the months, and the other could be the Gadget Contest

    Catfish Cataclysm:
    -Need Auction Chair
    -Lots of sponsors coming in. Mostly Monetary sponsors

    Great Lakes Aquascaping Championship:
    -16 total contestants, 10 small tanks, 6 (All) large tanks
    -Need to get total financials calculated.

    Meeting adjourned.
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    Thank you for posting these....

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