EB Minutes for June 2017

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    Call to order 7:11

    Committee Reports

    Auction Report
    June auction was very small, less than half usual number of lots, low attendance but good bag average. Sean Stake to take over as auction chair.

    BAP Report
    Steve Suchon, interim chair, said there are many awards and he wonders about the usual process of procurement. Chris and Patrick advised him to talk to ted, change from arrowhead for awards advised. Would like to get printed certificates on nice paper, signed by bap committee going. Randy and Patrick looking for bap papers to consolidate to get to Steve.

    Cataclysm Report

    Cataclysm meeting next Thursday, to be at Ted's house, date?

    Membership Report

    Beth reported a major drop in members. She blames this on poor behavior by the board over the last year and said board accountability should be improved, public facing needs to be professional and welcoming. Forum posts and Facebook etc need to be a unified front. Everyone involved in the club needs to be an ambassador. There was a bump after the Wisconsin Garden Expo but it fell off. Marine topic though interesting may have spurned low turnout June.

    Question asked (missed who) "is there a promotion committee?" There used to be. Chuck was working on store promotions but wasn't able to make much headway, some local stores consider us competition. Improved relations would be mutually beneficial.

    Nicholas volunteered to chair a PR committee, Mike moved to create a PR committee with Nicholas as chair, the motion passed unanimously. Nicholas wants a budget to do mailings/create flyers etc, board would like to see costs before setting budget.

    We need posters for the club and for Cataclysm. Megan will make these. Animart has agreed to put up posters from the club. Todd is talking to the owners of Pet World.

    New Business

    New Board Members
    New EB members will need EB forum privileges. Megan will update their profiles.
    Megan passed around a sheet of paper for the current board members to list their contact information – email, phone number. She will share the information with the board.

    Election results:
    2 year terms - sean, nick, scott
    1 year terms - steve, john

    Officer Elections
    Officer positions were voted on:
    President – Mike Fink
    Vice President - Sean Stake
    Secretary - Megan McGuire
    Treasurer - Steve Suchon after some discussion about possibly outsourcing most of the work to an actual accountant. Nicholas wants us to consider his significant other, Cassandra for the position. Megan knows a CPA who has years of experience working with small businesses and groups.Sgt At Arms - NicholasLagerMembers At Large - Scott Wiersema and John Lambing

    Directors & Officer's insurance/ Event Insurance

    Dianna has been working on this, but hasn't finished the process. Mike will follow up with her to see what she still needs.

    We have to renew our nonprofit status each year. This has not been done. Once a year you send in a postcard to the IRS. Chris will look into this and take care of it. The secretary will be responsible for it from now on. This is necessary for the insurance to be purchased.

    Bags Program

    Chris is turning the program over to Dan Randall and Sean Stake. Bags are sold at cost to paid members only. We've had problems with people wanting to come in just to buy bags. Everyone must at least pay the door fee to buy bags. Chris will turn the money from bag sales over to the treasurer.

    Library Program

    Chris is the librarian and will continue on with this role. He would like to develop a web presence so that members will start using it. There was a discussion but no commitment on designating a budget vs giving librarian leeway/getting board permission for purchases. Chris would like to get some periodical subscriptions


    This year the variety of plants submitted was double that of last year. Next year Mike intends to increase the incentive points for donations. He is going to order awards for the picnic with prizes like WPT Garden Expo swag, tweezers, soil, etc.

    WPT Garden Expo

    We need a lead/chair for the event. It will be in February. Board all thinks it is a great idea, but no one stepped up to lead the event.


    John brought up the fact that the website isn't always up-to-date. Megan stated that she can only put up the information she is given. She needs at least 2 weeks lead time to get things up because of other commitments. She would love to get all the information for the year up front.


    Steve would like to see this program resurrected. There was some discussion as to whether it should be a sub committee of BAP or its own program. It was decided it would be a separate committee with Steve, Sean, and Patrick as members. Sean will chair.

    Megan asked if check was written for our June speaker and who paid for dinner. Chris said he wanted to wait until we knew the mileage to be reimbursed. Unsure about meal, program chair not present.

    adjourned 9:23
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    In a later online discussion the officers were changed to:

    Sean Stake - President
    Steve Suchon - V. President
    Mike Fink - Treasurer
    Megan McGuire - Secretary
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    I would like to be a member. What do I need to do? It would be a single membership. Can I send a check and if so where to? Thanks! Is there something I need to do in terms of forum membership? I posted in member area but I want to delete it but don't know how to delete a post. Please assist. Thanks!
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    You can get a year long membership at the next meeting if you'd like! Feel free to post anywhere on the forums you have access to, there is no membership requirement to participate on our forums.
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    Hey sweetie,
    As Mike said, you can get a membership at any general meeting. Just come see me at registration and we'll get you all set!

    Annual membership for one person is $25, which gets you into all of the meetings, any special events (holiday parties, fishroom tours, etc), and a few extra places in the forum that are member-only.

    As far as deleting posts go, I believe one of the moderators has to do that for you. Someone correct me if I am wrong! PM me with what post you need changed and I'll take care of it for you :)

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