EB Minutes July 7-20-19

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  1. Megan

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    July Executive Board Meeting 7-20-19

    Present: Ted Judy, Dan Randall, Megan McGuire, Pat Messer, Sarah Sajdak, Diana Peterson, Scott Wiersema

    Absent: Logan Zimmerman

    Also, present: Randy Peterson

    1. Meeting called to order at 11:50 Motion made by Ted; 2nd by Sarah

    2. Moving the Meeting Venue

    Ted would like to table the topic until the new board can vote on it.

    3. Treasurer’s Report

    Nick needs to turn in GLAC receipts for Randy & Diana; Ted made a motion to just pay them $150 and continue to try to get receipts; Dan 2nd the motion. Passed.

    4. Membership

    PAYG Individuals $10; PAYG Family $16; Annual Membership: $25; total $51.00

    Attendance 23 people; New Faces Ryan Deal.

    5. Special Events

    Picnic to be at Hoyt Park in the rear shelter.

    Holiday party

    Is it going to be in Jan or December?

    The board discussed and decided on December as is tradition even though we can’t get in the bowling alley on the 3rd Saturday in January.

    Perhaps we can have the January meeting at Megan’s office? Sarah's house was also discussed.

    6. Programs

    August Jay Wilson from Fritz Aquatics

    Sept. Robert Shields

    October Open

    November Greg Sage – Live bearers

    Gary Lange was mentioned, but I didn’t note in what context. Sorry.

    Starting in 2020

    Barbie Forentino

    Dates July 17-24 and July 10-15 were discussed, but I didn’t write more….

    7. Cataclysm

    Committee meeting July 6th at Megan’s house.

    8. Old Business

    Raffle tickets for picnic. Megan bought wrong ones. Will have carbon 2 ply forms made. Will have by August meeting.

    9. Meeting with old board adjourned at 12:23pm; Dan moved, Sarah 2nd

    a. Meeting now transferred to the new board

    b. Ted made a motion to [I didn’t note] which was moved by Sarah for approval; 2nd by Dan

    c. Sitting officers get to stay in their positions.

    Logan is currently secretary, but Diana would like that position. Need to ask Logan.

    Sara to remain treasurer.

    Ted wants to be officer at large

    Megan would like to be VP

    Dan volunteered to be President

    Membership chair can be a non-board member; perhaps Sean could help.

    Pat wants to be Sargent @ Arms.

    10. Adjourned 12:34pm Moved by Sarah; Diana 2nd
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    Not to nit pic but that was a june meeting , unless you had one at the picnic in that case I was not there.

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