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    Meeting called to order at 11:20am.


    Current Board:
    Sean Stake - President
    Megan McGuire - Secretary
    Mike Fink - Treasurer
    Steve Suchon - Vice President
    Scott W. - Director at Large
    John Lambing - Director at Large
    Nicholas Lager - Sergeant at Arms

    New board members present:
    Ted Judy
    Sarah Sajdak
    Logan Zimmerman
    Dan Randall

    Also Present
    Keith Strade, Beth S.

    Aqueon Donations discussed.
    Ted received items from Aqueon to be donated to the club. Some of the items are from Hagen because Aqueon acquired them. He suggested holding back a 20 gallon kit for Cataclysm, but the rest of the items were small and could be put in the auction today. All present agreed.

    President's Report

    VP Report

    Treasurer's Report
    May Auction netted 266.00; Membership netted 60.00 This was below average for May. There were few attendees.
    Total in bank accounts $10,064.39
    Sean thanked Mike for all of his work straightening out the books.

    Previous Minutes
    Mike motioned that the minutes be accepted with noted spelling corrections

    New Officers
    Sean Stake - President/CARES Chair/BAP Committee
    Ted Judy - Vice President/Cataclysm Committee
    Logan Zimmerman - Secretary
    Sarah Sajdak - Treasurer/Cataclysm Committee
    Dan Randall - Sergeant at Arms/Membership Chair/Cataclysm Committee
    Nicholas Lager - Member at Large/Promotions
    Scott W. - Member at Large/Cataclysm Committee

    Committee Reports

    Cataclysm - Megan McGuire
    Vendors are currently being approached/invited.
    PR will begin in earnest after CatCon (All Aquarium Catfish Convention)

    Membership - Beth S.
    19 people attended in May
    1 new person signed up for an annual membership

    Auction - Beth S.
    May was smaller by comparison to 2017. April & May always have low attendance.

    BAP - Steve Suchon
    Closing the season today. There are two people getting their Master Breeder plaque, 2 people are getting their Grand Master plaques (Sean Stake & Chris Berns) - They need to bring in their plaques to get the new plate. Sean is making certificates for everyone else.
    Breeder of the year will be determined today.

    GARP - Mike Fink
    Scott W. and Sean Stake are 3 points apart with Sean in the lead.
    Mike is ordering buttons.
    Prizes will be a gift certificate to a plant place.
    Keith Strade has agreed to take over for Mike. Mike made a motion to accept Keith's offer, Megan McGuire seconded it and it passed.



    Website - Megan
    Still need to add link to BAP results, otherwise up to date as of today.


    The idea of selling the items in the library was discussed. A motion was made to do so by Steve to vote to liquidate the library and the library committee will make a plan of action to do so. Mike seconded the motion. Motion passed.

    By-laws Review
    Must be redefined to anyone here and pays the dues to be tax exempt. Discussion followed. It was suggested that Annual members will be allowed to vote and 1 month members can not vote. Cataclysm particpants will be given a one month membership in November.

    Old Business
    Tax Exempt Status
    Mike has filled out the form. Two sticking points: How we define membership and how much revenue we receive from non-members.
    Mike made a motion to form a committee to review the tax exempt status. Megan seconded. Sarah will chair and Megan and Mike will be on the committee.
    There is a $600 fee for the form. Our status can be retroactively activated within 15 months of the first letter which will be 11 months from November 2018. The committee will be finished by the January meeting.

    Garden Expo
    Ted stated that he still owes the event $450 for t-shirt sponsorship by Tedsfishroom.com.

    Nick is the 2019 chair

    Since no one volunteered to host, Megan reserved Burrows Park, located at 25 Burrows Road. The fee was $150.

    Storage Unit

    All meeting materials will be stored here and Beth has volunteered to be sure that they get to the meeting due to her proximity to both the storage unit and the meeting location (Ten Pin Alley).

    Beth and Ted will hold keys.

    New Business
    New meeting venue: Ten Pin Alley
    Megan made up fliers for distribution today, updated the Website and posted to both the FB page and group.

    Megan moved to adjourn the meeting - Scott seconded. Motion carried
    Meeting Adjourned at 12:15pm.
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    Only correction I have is non officer board members are members at large not directors at large

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