EB Minutes March 17, 2018

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  1. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    John L
    Mike F
    Scott W
    Nicholas L
    Sean S
    Megan M
    Steven S. (late)

    Also present
    Dan Randall

    Meeting called to order at 11:17am

    Minutes for last month
    Tabled - Megan M will get up soon.

    BAP (Sean S.)
    2017 Cichlid spawns to turn into ACA by May.

    Treasurer's Report (Mike F)
    Good auction last month, but we still lost money (-42.45)
    We have a $211 fixed cost per month + the program costs
    We made a $1000 deposit on the hotel for Cataclysm in 2019
    Membership total was off last month.

    Cataclysm (Megan M)
    Everything is fine and going well. We have volunteers for most of the areas needed right now, but there are still opportunities for people to get involved.

    Cataclysm Seperation
    Tabled until club tax exempt status is straightened out.

    Membership (Beth)
    22 members used the Cataclysm voucher to renew. Membership lost $500 because of it.
    IRS rules make it necessary for Cataclysm attendees to be members because only so much of our income can come from non-members.
    It doesn't have to be a full year membership, it could be a one month membership.

    It was suggested that we add $25 to the registration fee and give current members a $25 discount.

    Since the by-laws are being revised we could redefine the levels of membership.

    Beth can't do both the Auction and Membership. Dan R. volunteered to do the Auction, but would be willing to do membership if Beth really wanted a change.

    BAP (Steve S)

    GARP (Mike F)
    We had a good variety of plants last month. We need someone to take over the program for when Mike moves. Perhaps Keith S?

    CARES (Sean)
    April submission month - people need to submit their CARES fish to Sean.

    Program Updates (Randy)
    July speaker fell through. We need a speaker for September.
    Chaperone/lodging for speaker?
    April speaker John Lyons is local
    May speaker Matt Schauer is driving here and back in one day
    June speaker Anton Lamboj - Ted hosting?

    Website/Forum (Randy & Megan)
    Take March and April down.

    Promotion (Nicholas L)
    Spent $20 on a 5 day run 1156 people reached. 20 new likes for the club.

    Library (Chris)
    MAS sold off their library. Should we do the same? No decision was made.

    Old Business
    Tax Exempt Status (Mike)
    We are no longer tax exempt. Form 990 which can be filed online was not filed for 3 years. Unfortunately this is backdated to the first year we didn't file. (Secretary missed the date for this)

    What about Cataclysm 2017? Should we have paid taxes?

    We need to file a 1024 application
    - Do once new board is elected.

    Positions up for re-election
    John, Steve, Megan & Mike.

    Garden Exp0 (Mike)
    Need Chair
    Nicholas moved and John 2nd, that Nicholas would chair the event in 2019. Passed.

    Left overs
    3 50gallon set ups as well as some 2016 stuff. Substrate.

    It was decided we will offer them to club members for $300 each, after club members have a shot at buying them, we will offer them on FB.

    Forum Rights (Megan)

    July Picnic ?

    Beth will take over from Nicholas. We are shooting for heated storage for under $100 per month

    New Meeting Venue (Megan)
    Megan will investigate what possibilities there are. Dreamlanes is too small now anyway. Megan will contact the Goodman Center.

    Honorarium (Megan)
    Megan stated that many other clubs pay their speakers at least $100 plus expenses. Mike moved and John seconded that we increase our honorarium. Passed.

    John moved and Nicholas seconded, that the meeting be adjourned at 12:26.

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