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    LZimm Executive Board

    Meeting called to order at 11:15
    Sean S.
    Logan Z.
    Sarah S.
    Dan R.

    Also Present:
    Megan M.
    Steve S.
    Randy P.
    Keith S.
    Beth S.

    President's Report

    VP Report

    Catfish Cataclysm
    -Open registration Tuesday after CatCon
    -Every attendee receives electronic submission to Catfish Study Group
    -Price $45
    -$250 for speaker sponsors
    -Looking for volunteers
    -Discussion about how Cataclysm will reimburse club for membership

    $647 from August's auction- HUGE!

    -Ted's storage unit vs. current storage unit
    -Ted's=Free, Current=small but climate controlled.
    -Discussed where the laptops should be kept
    Will wrap up discussion next meeting, with Ted present

    Holiday Party
    -Should be brought up in August or September meetings to allow for planning.
    -Formed Special Event Commitee
    -Diana heading Special Event Commitee
    -Party potentially Dec. 15, will solidify next month.

    Meeting Adjourned
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