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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Wrosenthal, Jul 8, 2018.

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    I'm moving in August and need to cut down on my fish before leaving. I can provide pictures on request. Located in Madison, near the stadium. All prices are OBO

    -x5 Rhinogobius leavellii (4M, 1F) $45. Eating flake!

    -Pair of Rhinogobius duospilus, $25

    -Colony of 30+ grade S-SS crystal red shrimp (from Taiwan, ordered via Ted), $150. Shrimp and entire(10g w/finnex stingray, ada amazonia, moss) for $200.

    -x4 bumblebee gobies. likely B. xanthomelas, but not positive. Eating flake food as well.

    -x5 Buenos Aires Tetras, breeding group for $15

    -x3 Megalechis hoplosternum, 2-4". Like big, friendly corys. $30 for all. 2 captive bred, largest is WC.

    -Male Crenicichla saxatilis, 4-5" for $25. Absolutely stunning

    -Male Parachromis motaguensis, ~7" for $20. Not perfect, but totally healthy and still beautiful.

    -x5 silver dollars, 3-5". $50 for all.

    -Male Crenicichla sp. "Inirida I", 7-8" for $70. This guy is amazing, large, and has a great personality. Wild caught, imported by Ted.

    -Pair of Paratilapia polleni from Jeff Rapps. Male is 7-8", female is 4-5". $150 for these stunning fish. Breeding would be best accomplished in a planted setup.
  2. Wrosenthal

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    Also open to trades. Looking for a nice 75g tank and stand, as well as a fluval FX5/FX6. Fish trades might be considered as well, but not likely. Most interested in gobies (especially Sicyopterus) and wild livebearers.

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