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    I am a bit overloaded and trying to make room for cories. Here's what I have available:
    • Medium Tiger Oscar ~6". He can't hack it with the other big Central Americans. Free SOLD
    • Tons of brown ancistrus $1/ea fry through 2" SOLD
    • 3 x adult Cryptoheros spilurus. Two are a pair that spawned a bunch but I never got fry. These are from Ted and probably at least 3 years old. Free SOLD
    • 8 x adult Tomocichla sieboldii, big, I got them early 2014 as fry. Some have ratty fins. Free
    • Breeding group of Dimidochromis compressiceps. 3 males, 2 females. One male has a weird eye. Pat gets the option to pass on them first. Free SOLD (if Pat doesn't want them)
    • 10 x Parachromis friedrichsthalii (formerly loisellei) juveniles. I bought too many at a club auction. These are from Steve Suchon
    • ~70 Dimidochromis compressiceps fry 3/4" - 2" $1/ea SOLD
    • Panamius panamensis fry ~1" $2/ea
    • Geophagus steindachneri fry (few left) $1/ea SOLD
    • Amatitliana siquia Rio Claro "blue" fry nearing 1" $1/ea and their dad, free
    • Labidochromis chisumulae "Chizumulu Island" juveniles $2/ea SOLD
    • Labidochromis chisumulae "Chizumulu Island" breeding group from Dave's Rare Fish $30 - love these, breed like yellow labs but aren't yellow labs SOLD
    • Pseudotropheus interruptus Chizumulu, lots of little fry and 8 bigger ones left $1/ea
    • Pseudotropheus interruptus Chizumulu breeding group of 7 adults. Super cool. Breed all the time. Males are bright blue with black and females are bright yellow. $30
    • Haplochromis sp. "Fire" Uganda fry, small, $1/ea
    • Haplochromis sp. "Fire" Uganda breeding group, also from Dave's, I think 4 males 3 females $20
    • Green swordtails, all sizes, some are wag, and some are spotted, 15+ fish all for $5
    • Lone firemouth female adult free SOLD
    • Lone KK beach adult female free
    • Lone Hap lividus Murchison Bay male free
    • 2 female bettas (white halfmoon dumbo and red veiltail) Free SOLD
    • 6 other veiltail bettas who grew up together in a 40 breeder and are now spawning o_O Free SOLD
    • 2 fancy copper dragon betta males Free SOLD
    • Haplochromis brownae young adults. Free
    Also, Axolotls
    6 left: 4 albino, 1 purple, and 1 wild type. $10/ea or $25/3 Hatched Oct 18, 2018. Have all digits.
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    If someone can get them out of your tanks right away, go for it.

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