Fish. Mostly hard to find or uncommon

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by SteveS, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. SteveS

    SteveS Advisory Board

    Cryptoheros cutteri .75 6 for $20

    Guianacara Dacrya F1 $10 or pairs for $25

    F1 pair coptodon cf. Nigrans or what is believed to be Nigrans. No dna testing on the wild pair that was brought into the USA. Great parents and super stunners. $40

    Coptodon snyderae dark 2 inch 6 for $20

    Coptodon "walteri" . Possibly another species unidentified yet. No word on DNA evidence. Parents from stephen Thorton. Parents are F1 and rarely offered fish. Not large growing as what was thought under the walteri name. Last 6 for $20

    Biotodoma Cupido . Wild caught adults Peru. Looks to be 3m2f. Bred once but never luck with fry. 4-5 inch. Great community SA cichlid. $80

    Laetacara flavilabris wild caught. Unsexed but have bred. I haven't taken the time to really look at them to sex them out but both sexes for sure. 5 adults. Seldom brought into the hobby. $50

    Thoracochromis Demeusii. Parents F1xWild. 1.5 inch. $ 6 for $10 adult trio. Wild male x2 F1 females. $20

    Parachromis Friedrichstalii male. Show tank stunner. 8 inch aprox $10

    Parachromis Multifaciata 4 fish 4-8 inches. Looks to be 2 pair by size . $25

    Xenotoca doadrioi "san marcos trios $ young fish. $20 per trio

    Coptodon cf Nigrans. Small .75 . $10 for $10

    Uaru amphiacanthoides. 10 fish total 50 cent size body. $20 each or all 10 for $120

    Etroplus Caranensis . Holy Grail . 4 adult fish. Unsure on sexing 100%. Very difficult to sex besides breeding which is annual. Have paired up and spawned twice but i let the eggs sit too long and my plecos ate them. Wild Caught . Very difficult to breed fish because patents . Hardy fish and peaceful. Great community tank addition with rasboras, tetras and Barbs. Clean fresh water is all that is needed. $180 firm. No trades.

    Parva rainbows. 8 fish male heavy looks to be 3 girls. . Young 1.5 to 1.75 inch. $50 for all eight. Last ones so act fast.

    Geophagus cf brasiliensis. 5 fish. 2.5 inch $25. Great for outdoor ponds. Very striking color. Lots of red and blue

    Cichlasoma Dimerus 5 fish 2 inch $20. Nice, very mellow cold water cichlids. No heater needed for these guys. Great pond cichlid. Wont eat livebearer fry. I keep them with livebearers or any peaceful small fish without worry.

    Guianacara Owreowefi. F2 LOWER Maroni . Young pair. $40. Excellent SA community fish. Wont eat small fish really. Works well with most community fish. Really fun cichlids not offered much.

    Text 715-310-2438 for pictures. Some trades possible. Interested in wild type livebearers more focused in CARES . Maybe west African crator lake cichlids.
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  2. Megan

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    Hi Steve
    How big do the Guianacara Dacrya get? I'm interested in a pair if I can keep in a 40 breeder.
  3. SteveS

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    They get 8 inches for a male and females 5 inch. Eventually when older they need a 55 for a pair. Right now they are young fish at 3-4 inches.
  4. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    Okay, thanks. Probably I should hold off on them as I dont have room for another large tank.
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  5. Physarum

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    Ooo, cutteri have been on my list as I work my way through the smaller centrals. I am moving though, and I'm not sure I'll have a tank ready until the end of June. I'll try though.
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  6. SteveS

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    Owreowefi, laetacara, brasiliensis sold
  7. SteveS

    SteveS Advisory Board

    Uaru sold
  8. SteveS

    SteveS Advisory Board

    All sold

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