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    Most of you have heard, by now, that I am moving my fish room back to my house and dialing the whole retail importer gig way, way back. I will be going from 250+ aquariums down to 49, so I will have a LOT of glass and equipment to sell. But I also have to keep the fishroom running until I can move all the livestock I do not plan to keep. Here is the plan...

    Phase 1 - move the tanks and fish I will keep to my basement (should be complete by the end of April)
    Phase 2 - sell off all the livestock remaining in the fish room (look for an open house event in May to do this)
    Phase 3 - dismantle the fish room and sell off the fixtures (another open house in late May)
    Phase 4 - emptying the fish room; everything must go, either into helper's cars (for free) or into a big dumpster. This will be everything that I do not want to hold onto. There will be everything from aquariums to artwork. This will be a 'please come help' day sometime in June.

    For those of you interested in aquarium set ups for fishroom tanks with racks, I WILL PRESELL THEM IF YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT. Contact me to make arrangements.

    110 gallon aquarium with custom southwest-style cabinet stand $200
    150 gallon set up with Custom Aquarium cabinet stand and Seamless Sump Filter system $900
    3/4 hp regenerative blower $250
    4-zone automated water change manifold with Rain Bird controller (I cannot fully describe how much of a PITA this is to build) $100

    Rack systems (includes tanks, most of which are drilled, with bulkheads)
    4x20L, 4x15, 5x10 - all end out, top drilled in back center, on rack (58"x30"x 76" tall to top of top tanks... rack can be easily shortened) - $180 (10 9 6 5 available)

    3x33, 12x15 - 15's are end out, front drilled on bottom left (except 2) with valve and plumbed to a gutter (turn the valve, drain the tank); the 33's are face out and not drilled. Rack is to rows and tall. Approximately 12' long, 2' wide and 60" tall - $250 SOLD

    10x40br on a single-level 'table top' style stand, positioned end out... whole rack is a tad over 15-feet long, 36" wide and about 48" tall. Plenty of room under the rack for storage. - $400 SOLD

    After everyone who wants a complete rack system has what they want, the remaining tanks will be sold $1/gallon. I will not presell individual tanks... too much to keep track of. I suspect there will be plenty of tanks to go around.

    Please watch for an announcement for the livestock open house in a few weeks. I am sure that there will be some equipment and fixtures ready to go as well.
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    Sad to hear you are scaling down. Hope you have plenty of help. If only it was 2 months ago I would have liked your bigger tanks.

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