FLuval Edge as a Nano Reef?

Discussion in 'Marine Tech' started by Natives2WI, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Natives2WI

    Natives2WI Well-Known Member

    Would the new fluval edge work as a nano reef tank? If yes, what all additional equiptment would have to be purchased? I have never done reef tanks before, or saltwater none the less and wanted to get some basic help on this.


  2. JPlater

    JPlater New Member

    Corals require high lighting, and from what ive seen from fluval edge setups is that they come with an incandescent fixture in the hood - which only covers the back center of the tank. So without some major lighting upgrades, you wont be able to keep corals.
  3. JPlater

    JPlater New Member

    i mean halogen not incandescent. - its a 10 watt bulb
  4. Sula

    Sula Member

    You would definitely have to modify the lighting somehow if you wanted corals, and most people who run nanos that small do so without protein skimmers but you would have to be really diligent about water changes and stock very lightly.
    It would definitely be a good looking nano though!
  5. Ashley

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  6. Natives2WI

    Natives2WI Well-Known Member

    based on those things, it should be easy... I am soo thinking of doing green clown gobies!

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