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Discussion in 'General Freshwater Aquarium Keeping' started by MadtownD, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. MadtownD

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    Hi knowledgeable people- my 11yo daughter wants to breed some fish. She has spent a month cycling her tank, learning about the plants, carefully testing the water, and I'd like it to be a positive experience for her. I was thinking livebearer/pretty guppies because of the likely success rate, but we'd be lucky to find anyone to take excess offspring, even as feeders, right? She'd prefer that the fry not be feeders (because childhood). Celestial pearl danios maybe? Any other small fish that are somewhat easy to breed and grow out to a decent stage to give away/sell? Thanks!
  2. Sean S

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    Livebearer are definitely a good choice and if you come to the club meetings you can often find some (I will have a couple species in the auction and there are usually more) and when they produce too many you can put them in the auction and she can make a little money for them. Also coming to the meeting will expose her to a large group of dedicated aquarists that will be happy to help.
    There are other good choices for starter fish that will breed and exhibit parental care like many cichlids but it really depends on what she likes and the amount of space in the tank.
  3. MadtownD

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    Thanks for the input! So if she picks higher quality guppies through the club, then she'd be able to offload the offspring at an auction? Her tank is very small (5.5 gallon), so I wouldn't want adult guppies living there more than a few days (I have a 20g that can house some, if I can keep the sexes separated).

    I realize that to breed fish for real, I'd need multiple, larger tanks, but just trying to find something she can mess around with, that can live in a 20g (and not be aggressive with other inhabitants) and reproduce/grow out in a 5.5g. So any fish that can fit that and not have live food requirements (we do have frozen stuff)?

    Looks like the next meeting we can make is October, unfortunately. Maybe I can figure out what we're looking for somehow and post a wanted to buy? Thanks again.
  4. Sean S

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    The 5.5 gallon would be big enough for a pair or trio of livebearers. It might be better to use the 20 as the growout since there will likely be many more fry than the parents.

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