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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Physarum, May 25, 2018.

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    I'm trying to clear out some of the clutter at home. If no one wants these, I'll take them to the curb Wednesday.
    One 55 - has been sitting outside on the porch for 2+ years. Doubt it holds water.
    One 55 - was used for rats, the back glass has a crack that was repaired.
    One 45 - was used for fish about 7 years ago, has been stored inside
    Two 30s - were used for rats
    Wrought iron scroll stand for 3' tanks over/under, fair condition
    Homemade 2"x4" stand for 3' tank top only

    None are very pretty. Located in Cambridge. Message me if you want to stop by. Thanks!
  2. Physarum

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    Oh, I think I have a 37 and a 20 H too.
  3. Physarum

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    Bump. I've started hauling these to the curb finally. There are two 50s and a 10 outside as of this morning. I plan on adding two 30s, a stand, a bagging station, and the 45 tonight.

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