Fundulopanchax - Setup?

Discussion in 'Killifish' started by Natives2WI, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Natives2WI

    Natives2WI Well-Known Member

    I am planning on getting the fundulopanchax spoorenberg from Jeff, but I was wondering how or what kind of tankmates could go with them? If I put shrimp in with them, will they eat them? Do they attack snails (like tylos)? Would they do better with other tankmates? (tetras, bumblebee gobys, otos, pygmy corys?)
  2. JeffW

    JeffW Well-Known Member

    Baby shrimp would be a bad idea. They will eat any small creature that moves. I feed them live foods. They do not bother snails. They will be fine in a community tank set up with like sized fish. I would stay away from fin nippers and aggressives.
  3. Marine590622

    Marine590622 Advisory Board Staff Member

    If you want to spawn them however a species only tank is the way to go. You could put them in a ten with a bunch of mops feed them well for a week then move them into a community setup and see how many fry pop up.
  4. Natives2WI

    Natives2WI Well-Known Member

    I would like them to breed, but I don't intend to add mops, just allow them to use the plants available. I think i might stick with the tylos and them for a while, see how the breeding goes (feeding of live brine, white worms, frozen black worms, freeze dried gammarus and mysis) . If no breeding, I might do a community (and offer these then back to Dave as he originally wanted them)
  5. Natives2WI

    Natives2WI Well-Known Member

    ok, so I am wondering if I will need a more "bushy" type leaved plant like a myrio or cabomba for them to breed in, or if a floating plant with big trailer roots will suffice.
  6. Rick

    Rick Member

    Hornwort should work well enough.

    REVTODD Active Member Staff Member

    Nr40 says you can not have cabomba.
  8. Natives2WI

    Natives2WI Well-Known Member

    I thought nr40 was for cabomba Carolina's not all sp of cabomba.

    Looking at NR40, Cabomba Carolinas is the restricted species. The following are not listed, thus should be ok to keep:
    C. Aquatica
    C. Fucata
    C. Haynesii
    C. Palaeformis
  9. Natives2WI

    Natives2WI Well-Known Member

    well that lasted all of 4 days.. The male (who was eating well yesterday) was swimming odd this morning. I didn't see him at lunch, but will look further after work. The swimming patterns didn't look good :( Second time with killies and second time there are issues.. ugh!:confused:

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